Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

From Disneyland to OMGSEXYLOFT

The final day at Disneyland. Sadness. We cried a little as we packed up our room and went to shove everything into the car. Wiped away a tear… WE CHARGED … Continue reading

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Disneyland: Where you can sing as much as you want

So remember that moment when I said, “we ordered breakfast for 9am”? Yeah it came at 9 AM. We were not human. I think I tipped the poor guy like … Continue reading

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Disneyland: where dreams come true and food costs more than me.

We woke up…sorta. We sorta packed. We sorta fit into the car. We sorta made it out of the hotel peacefully. We sorta got out to have some very questionable … Continue reading

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SDCC Part 2 because we’re too cool to queue

So rolling out of bed was a lot more work than we thought as I was part human at god knows what hour, but I walked it off. Not really, … Continue reading

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