Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 2

Day Two 二日

Today, along with everyone we went to Akihabara. It’s like every otaku’s dream come true. Hahaha. No. Really.

There were cute little girls all dressed up and in cosplay. So cute. We saw so much anime, it physically hurts to stare. HAHAHAHA. Not really. But yeah there was a lot of things to take in. Such as the vending machines. Japan has mastered the art of vending machines. HAHA. Such as ramen. It was amazing. HAHA.

We went to a maidcafe. It was so cute. Every girl was all dressed up and stuff. And you order food and get a prize. It was funny. Kchu got a photo with one of the girls in kitty ears. She didn’t like bunny ears as much. Booooooooooooo!!!!

Onwards to the creepiness of the cafe. There are some lonely men in there. There was a rilakkuma creeper that was just strange. But it’s all right. All the creepers were overshone by the cute panties/bloomers that was flashed at us.


Sir Zen got a pengu-pengu. HAHAHA. Kchu got pasta so she didn’t get an animal (=3=)…so instead they mixed her pasta for her saying pacha-pacha or something like that. Unker Mo got a kitty. It looked pissed. HAHAHAHAHA. I got a bunny *-* it was like ❤ ❤ ❤ and I was like *0* and they were like ^-^<3. THen we cast a magical cute spell or something on our food and we ate all the cuteness. And then I was defeated by all the cuteness and couldn’t finish as always. ;;

Then for the ROR of the day:

We cleared out TWO. As in DOS. AS IN NI. AS IN I DUNNO….ONE. TWO SHELVES of B’z goods. It was amazing. And it was so cheap, too. *-*

Split ¥12500 between Kchu, Sir Allan, Unker Mo, and I. And now we’re all happy fuckers.

Then we went to met up with KChu’s friends in Japan to get our B’z and Ghilbi Museum tickets. So much smoking and eating I thought I was gonna die. But I didn’t. I drank a lot through. I thought I was seriously going to die. All that talk about going from higher altitude to lower = you can drink more is complete chickengoattee. Funny thing through, we ended up getting the tickets to B’z on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day.It was fine either way. HAHAHA. WTF right?

Whatever, it’s like an arm and a leg to even get B’z concert tickets in Japan.



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