Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 3

Day 3 三日


Today was the B’z Christmas eve Concert. They once again sold out completely TokyoDome. It was so cool. So full of people!

It had to be the most organized concert of my life. I mean seriously.

Instead of queuing all day, like we do in the States. We got there. Brought merch and went to look around. There was so many cute things. And there was the world’s largest rollercoaster drop ever. WE didn’t go cause Kchu didn’t want to die. ;; Sadness. I would’ve held her D:

We ironically went to Idian for lunch. It was so WTF. We were looking for food and everywhere were lines cause of the concert. (I swear, B’z boosted Japan’s economy. No lie!) And yeah it was funny…then the Indian place just opened their doors for us. HAHA.

Then we got ice cream. Sir Zen shares my love for ice cream. My ice cream looked like a bunny ❤ so cute. HAHAHA. I ate it.

We parted ways to go queue up for our seats about 15 minutse before doors. We were nearly first in line. Then we got in.

We were seriously way out in the back. HHAHAHAHA. LIke we got the last few tickets. HAHAHA. THen it turned out we all ended  up together too. HAHAH. So much for separate lines. The B’z concert hall was filled up with the most WTF TV show. Micheal Tommy I think it was. HAHAHA. SO silly. I died laughing.

The show had the most MINDBLOWING opening ever. And I fell in love. ❤

The crowd all know when to scream and clap and wave their arms. There were a lot of “MATCHANNNNN” and “INABAAAAAAAA” and “KOSSHIIIIII” and “TAKKUNNN”

and then there was that one squeaky gaijin’s “SHANEEEEEEEEE!!!” ❤


That concert wiped me out. But I got to participate in the Tokyo Dome wave during the ‘short break’. ❤ so cute. They really just kick my ass. HAHA. And cause I was standing by Sir Allan, it was like getting a nice echo concert right by me. Seriously, he’s a good singer, I’ll link his band here soon.

Then we went WOOOO and AHHHHHHHHHH and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and I sang along poorly. HAHAHA.

I hope that Kchu will write a better live report than this. HAHAHA.


OH yeah it was Zen’s birthday, too. So we sang him happy birthday and he went all cute and peng-y. Like: OvO



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