Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 4

Day 4 四日



Today, we tried to take it easy cause the concert kicked our asses. HAHA. So our princesses and Mo made us Christmas Breakfast. It was tasty and sweet. <333

Then went to exchange gifts and sang Sir Zen happy birthday B’z style >8D.

He was again all: (O//v//O)


My little Christmas Tree did us all good with being cute and Christmassy and we even had Santa hats 8D ❤

It was so cute!!!o( >w<)o

We went to the Pokemon Center and it was all KYAAAAA <33333333 PIKACHUUUUU ~~~ ❤

Then got Yukiniku for Christmas Dinner. Met a nice Auntie there who showed us the way to Tokyo Towers. Haha…we give her a Christmas cracker. It was amazing and so sweet. I hope we made her Christmas as sweet as she made ours. And I love Christmas crackers. ❤

We went to Tokyo Towers and it was truly a couple thing in Japan. So pretty through and we saw everything. *-* Will post photos later cause I’m lazy. But it was lovely. ❤

We went to the Yokai exhibit then. ¥500 of pure EEEEEKK. Well, it was a 3d movie that made ME squirm and no one else. ;; I can’t help it. I have to bat at things that are 3D. ;; Then the actual walk through scary things and I screamed. =3=;;;;

We froliced around and stuff and yeah so o(>w<)o <3!!!!!!


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