Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 5

Day 5 五日

We went to Ghilibi Museum.

It’s like the land where all your childhood dreams come true. Not like Disneyland.

It had places like the catbus for SMALL children to climb on. ;; I want to climb on it so badly. ;;

There was ice cream made of happiness. There was so many kids running around. Things were made for our size. Yes, I’m small child size. But it’s alright. Because I got to see the things that Mizayaki used. Worked with. His inspirations.

He dreamed in ways that makes dreams look like clouds that we can touch.




There were so many things that we wanted to capture in memories forever. But cameras were not allowed. But that didn’t stop us from getting photos with the iron giant. That was allowed. I had a lot of trouble wih the water pumps that kids made look easy. (Whatever happened to my guns?!)

I screamed out Tsukasa. The little boy in front of me shared the same name. >.>;;; Only in my life.

We went to have dinner at the Strawhat Cafe. I went to get the Farm’s crème soup. Just listen to that name. Doesn’t it sound like a dreamy country? HAHAHA. I know. I’m strange. But I couldn’t help it. Then there was a lot of beautiful desserts. More photos there. HAHA.

We wondered around after wards that night in Shinjuku. That brough back memories from 2006. Not much through. Tokyo really changed a lot in 6 years. Cute boys still the same. No stalking through. Haha. The only thing I remember was the station and Tsukino Street.

Discovered the infamous Closet Child. It was amazing. So much stuff for so cheap. Goodness. Well, by cheap I mean more than my left hand might even be worth.

Then we ran for one of the small ramen shop.

I learned so much about Singapore and Malaysia from everyone. There’s quite a lot of different between two countries so close together. They’re nothing like Canada and the States. I always thought they were. It was more like the States and Mexico. They speak really different, tonation and all. There was a lot of talk about the conflict between the two countries.

There was more talk about bear spray.

They think I live in bear nation.




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