Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 6

Day 6六日

At Tsukiji market is where all the freshest sushi is. I remember back in 2006, they took us there. We only looked at the dead fishes and watched me squirmed because I’m terrified of dead things. Dunno why, dun really care, just keep them away from me.

I didn’t get Sushi then.

We got sushi this time through.

Walking around a lot of the shops were closed or really filled up. We got into one queue that looked short then they corrected us. The queue was all the way around the building. HAHAH. But we eventually found a place to nom.

It was amazing.

The chefs were lovely uncles. Haha. They were so kind to all of us. Asked us of all sorts of things. America. Singapore. Visiting. Things around Japan. I got the ladies’ course. It was so cute. And filling. For ¥2800. That’s not possible in the states. I was nearly able to out eat Sir Zen! D:< BE IMPRESSED. We took photos of the chefs because they were so cool. HAHA.

So like I was sitting on the train with EVERYONE ELSE. I have the SHORTEST LEGS. And so we’re all just sitting there. Minding our business and this man comes out of no where and trips on my shoes. I mean, seriously, out of a group of 8 gaijins, he trips over my SHORT LEGS.

Me: SORRY! *instantly lets EVERYONE knows I’m a gaijin by saying this in English mind you*
Him: *shots me an angry glare to the point that I’m quite sure that I have a black eye. Like his glare took an actual physical form and punched me in the face. No lie. It was just that intense.*

After my epic fail, we continue on with our show…..>__________________>;;;

Then we went to Konomi in Tokyo Station. It was like every gamer I know heaven. Too bad for me…I stopped playing games after starting Uni. Now I shall try and catch up. HAHA. But I did get a couple pins from games I don’t know. Only cause they’re cute.

Finally….we went Karaoke-ing in Asukasa. They have a large temple there, we’re going to go on News Years. EVERYONE LAUGHED SO HARD. EVERYONE SANG SO MUCH. Minus Sir Zen and Lady Vanessa. HAHA.

Zen and V and I eventually played 13 cards/cut pig/whatever they called it but I forgot. Go me. They have different suit values through. Confusing at first but I got it. I kicked ass. ;D

For a late dinner, we went to Denny’s. They have freaking Denny’s in Japan. HAHA. I was impressed. Servings were about the same size. I don’t know. I can never finish any ways. SO it didn’t work. But I was tricked into eating Onion soup. I nearly cried.


But I lived. In the dorms, I was taught Bridge. Sorta. Don’t play against Kchu. Freaking scary man.


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