Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 8

Day 8 八日

We went back to Ikebokuro. Loads of shopping for New Years stuff. It was amazing. HAHA So lively.

TO START OFF, WE ALL GOT KURIGUMIS. I GOT KORILAKKUMA AND KCHU GOT RILAKKUMA. MISS RACHEL AND MISS VANESSA GOT KITTIES. We’re wearing them right now. HAHA. The rest of K’s House people were like wtf. They took photos of us. Kchu has to send me copies of photos or Imma cry.

It was really hot in those. Poor Singaporeans are gonna roast in those when they go home.

Going to Tokyo Hands, we looked around at all the WTF stuff that was around. They have all the dumb outfits that were used in their variety shows. I was like “WTF…FUCK IMMA PASS OUT FROM LACK OF AIR-HAHAHAHA!!”

We ran to the Loft for stationary. I fell in love with all of the bunnies and cuteness. Kchu got some pretty stuff cause it’s Kchu style. *-*

Shabu Shabu was tasty.

Zen and I set up an eating contest.

How to order loads of beef for Shabu shabu by Sir Zen: Point at trays of beef and say “Yakinu TATATATATA” while raising your hands. *Diagram coming soon*

In the end, I was defeated by a man who was defeated by a piece of pork.


But there was a lot of fun talk about US roadrage against Singlish roadrage. Apparently only in the States does it seem OK to already have a brick ready in your car to chuck at someone….Sorta makes sense, actually.


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