Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 10

Day 10 十日

This is where I fell in love with Tokyo six years ago.

When I got off the station, I was instantly reminded of the times Jchan and I were lost looking for the Takeshita street. Harajuku station is exactly the same.

This time, I wasn’t lost. I know where it is now. Hopefully, Jchan and I will get a chance to go back again. Make new memories. The street isn’t the same. There’s more buildings now. Our little corner where we got all our goods is gone. It’s completely filled up or fenced off. But the brands are still around, just shifted about.

Kchu showed me down a different part of Harajuku where there’s street vendors. I love street vendors, it makes the street seems so much livelier. But instead of Takoyaki, we went to get the best ramen in town. It really is…amazing. I can’t eat all of it through. I just fail at eating a lot.

Wandering back and straight into Takeshita street was a death trap. We all ended up getting split up. I went with Kchu and we got socks cause they were cute and they have thigh highs for less than $30. OMGRIGHT?! HAHA. It’s a sad day cause I love socks.

We then picked up a little bunny and put her into my sweater that I was borrowing from Kchu. I was dressed by Kchu.


Only cause I wake up with rockstar hair and awkwardness.

But I don’t mind. I love being dressed by Kchu. But it takes out some of the abundance of awkwardness I possess.

Sad, I know.

I went into Liz Lisa. Now I understand why people love it. It’s cute and cost as much as my kidney. But there’s other stores that have very good deals. I couldn’t help it. We went to Closet Child later and got our fix of Jrock. No more. x.x Goodness, I’m a poor fuck. HAHA. But I finally saw Harajuku street. But everything was closed early because it was New Year’s Eve.

I can’t believe it. I can’t wait until New Years!

Going back to the dorm, we got drinks and food and pigged out into the new year. ❤


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