Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 13

Day 13 十三日

One last day……

Just because of that, we went to finish off some things the we couldn’t before. Like me dressing cute. Goodness…the battle to get my hair to be human was…nearly impossible. But with the help of Mo and Kchu….it sorta worked out.

Starting off, breakfast was curry. I got vegetable curry, strangest thing happened: There was beef in it! So watch out all you vegetarians!

We tried to go sell something to closetchild and it was just too complicated. But while waiting, I’m freaking dressed up cute in my Liz Lisa and whatnots. Mo and I were standing right outside when it got really windy. And I got weird again.


Everyone stared. This one guy looked at me like all his illusion of cute fluffy things were destroyed for life. It’s ok, I laughed even louder. Mo was so embarrassed. Poor thing. ❤

We went on a mystical quest to find this silver shop through. And saw a bunch of fortune tellers on the street. I didn’t know there could be so many! But then the best part of the hunt:

Mo: Isn’t that it right there?
Everyone else: *walks off in the opposite direction*
Mo: =_=;;; But…but…
Sir Zen: OH WAIT THERE IT IS! *walks to exactly where Mo was pointing at before*

Then we went to a really high end mall, I mean really HIGH end. Like two kidneys and a right arm with a half a liver high-end. But they had so much shiny silver accessory. I finally see the wolf on Sir Zen’s ring. It’s not a moose. Um…we tried to pick up men. Sorta.

Sir Zen says we just need to go up to them, start unbuttoning our jacket and walk away backwards that the male species will follow. Mhm…

I just grab and run.

We moved on to Harajuku to the shops we didn’t make it to before because it was all closed early. We went to a mall that I forgot the name of. But it was HUGE. Saw the H.Naoto shop and all of the CRACK CATS (Or cock cats, whatever you prefer ;D). Found eyeball ribbons. FREAKING SCARY MAN.

Clung to Kchu to not get lost as we wondered about into another H.Naoto store: Angry and Hungry Battle. Freaking gruesome shop, yo! But there was a pretty lady that I stared at insensitively. I think at one point she tried to run away but I insensitively followed. >.>;;;

Walking about, we ended up in a kimono shop…I WANTED IT ALL. SO CUTE. But I had no where to put it so I couldn’t carry it home. Q.Q No kimonos for me.

Then there was a shop that explained to me why all the dogs in Tokyo seemed to always be dressed. THEY HAD AN ENTIRE STORE FOR DOG CLOTHES. WTF. SO CUTE. I would get one and force Mia into it. But I doubt I could get her in it. Nor do I think her owner would appreciate it. xP

Another H.Naoto shop. This was funny cause there was a Russian girl in there and we thought she spoke english but she didn’t really. I was going to check if I was saying puppy right but I didn’t know how to stay that in either Russian or Japanese.

Puppisk is puppy right?! D:

Getting out we went to some burger joint. There was a lot of food. Sir Allan found us there and taught me the ways of the angry bird!

>[ face + earbuds + intense walking = angry bird RAWR

I will test that out. Eventually.

Afterwards, we ran out to get ice cream crepes. Only because I can’t get it anywhere else like Harajuku. And I work across the street from a french crepe store. HAHA. On the way there, I decided to show the radies how to get men. Sorta.

Mo: There’s an attractive male infront of us.
Me: *stared at a bunch of backs* oh?
Mo: He has a little bit of facial hair and his hair is all crop…
Me: *gets a visual of MINI-Atsushi and just RAUGH!*
group of male species in front of us turn and stare
Me: *figures out which one*…..Mo, mo, do you want me to ask him for a photo for you? 😀
Mo: NO! D:

After crepes and on the way back to the burger joint:

Miss Rachel: OMG cute boys right outside!
Me: …*stares insensitively*Wanna photo? I can ask for you.
Miss Rachel: NO.

Goodness, radies. We eventually made our way back to Harujuku Station after a stop by all the night vendors and got Mo’s Takoyaki. They had them in like Pizza flavors, cheese, and all that. HAHA.

Then the usual ROR Dorm rife.

Last night in Tokyo…I don’t even remember when I KOed.



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