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Day 14

Day 14 十四日

Let’s start the day off with the horrible dream I had.

I dreamed that I woke up in my parents’ car on the way to class and all of the Japan trip was just a dream.

Yeah. I know. Need to stop watching Inception so often. x.x;;

But because the dream, I was so out of it…I just wasn’t ready for the trip to end. ;~;

It’s not like we had a choice. Gone half human mode, we started last minute packing and moving out of the dorm room. OMG IT WAS SO BIG WITHOUT OUR STUFF IN THERE. Moving down stairs was a hassle but they let us use their luggage room where we just pretty packed it full.

8 people = a lot of luggages. It doesn’t even include the boxes that were being shipped. In the chaos of the last minute packing, Sir Allan and Sire Mo got everyone food from MickyD’s. ❤ I got a poke I never saw before in my happy meal. >.>;;;

Then epic magic happened. KUWATA WAS ON TELLY!! MO AND KCHU SCREAMED. I squeaked cause I was mid-fry noming, didn’t want to die.

The few that were shipping things went on ahead to move things while I babysit Baby Domo with Mo and Sir Jon. They returned and we all moved out of the luggage room. CHAOSSSSSS. Took photos outside of K’s house. Cling and trip and yea…cram into taxi to the train station.

Cling on to Kchu cause that’s what I do. Now, the most amazing thing happened ever:

WE FOUND MELON BREAD WITH ACTUAL MELON IN IT. I MEAN LIKE WOW. I mean I searched FOREVER for melon bread with melon and we found it.


(Yeah, I know…the photo on this blog is meron bread. HAHA…I’ll get around to adding photos eventually…maybe.)

At the airport. e_____________________e We all got carts for our luggage…in Japan…you can put your cart luggages on escalators. I was nearly squished

Finally, we reached the fork. Everyone is going to the North wing and I’m going South. It’s pretty much where I have to part ways with everyone. ;A; I cling and hugged and squeaked and whine and cried. Kchu came with me to the south wing to make sure I get off safely and whatnots.

After a lot of confusing running about…we finally realized why:


Since then I have to wait in line…Kchu was going to miss her flight. Q.Q tear tear partings. ;A; I think I cried more than I should ever do. So the lady from the airline explains to me my hotel and accomadations while I’m a sobbing mess QAQ…I move some stuff around and checked in my bags, talked to strangers cause that’s what I do. Taking all the most important stuff with me as I try to see if I can catch sigh of the group before they go through security….but by the time I was done….their flight was already gone.


Got lost. Found the bus to the hotel they set up for me. Really nice place actually. Got more lost in the hotel trying to find my room. Q.Q around some more before washing up, grab my book and went to get dinner. Reading and eating…getting stares from the Navy men that were stranded, too. I talk to a lot of strangers. Wonder around the hotel….

And back here in my room. Where I should now call Mummy and tell her not to go pick me up.

Hotels are big and scary when you’re alone.

So ronery…..



2 comments on “Day 14

  1. Jkaze
    March 16, 2013

    wow ID
    finally..a photo

    aww~ poor girl D:
    all aloneand just that you know it
    “do not go with old weird men!even if they give you sweets and promise you cakes and stuff!”

    • Jeshi
      March 16, 2013

      …I think my fairy godmother told me that once. But then again, I found her in a park and she was offering me candy…so…>_>;;;….and this is how all horror starts. HAHAHA

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