Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 1: To Maryland

Once again, this band named B’z decided to a US tour and because I’m really just another crazed fangirl: I booked a flight to Maryland to catch their Silver Spring and New York show.

Nevermind that a Kchu is flying in from ForeverSummerLand. It’s right by Far Far Away. Seriously, once you take that flight, I promise you’ll fell the same. Poor baby was so jetlagged.
It was nearly impossible to not want to roll on her when she fell asleep. >8D
A-chan  flew in with me, too. We got a little lost in the Reagan Airport, the place was huge and I have no direction sense. But we got to baggage claim, where we planned to met Kchu. ROR the lady said that her flight didn’t exist, so we all freaked out. Until Kchu called me.

A-chan: =_=;;; *staring right at Kchu coming at us*
Kchu: *coming right at us* =_=;;;
*insert dramatic slow running and hugging and tears and bubbles and sparkles and other random romantic Shojo manga moment here*

Then we went to get Jace. Jace is a Chevy Impala (I’m not even going to explain why this is important, the Supernatural fans already know).  Jace was beautiful, drives like a dream. No, I’m not allowed to drive him. ;; But I now understand why Sam and Dean love their Impala, so many places to hide things. ROR.

We drove by DC. Where we realized that the only reason we see the White House is because it’s always blown up in movies. (Now the FBI will be all over my blog – thank you for the views guys!)  Driving around, we highly appreciated the architecture of the place and the awfully confusing roads. Seriously, even without my help, we got lost. Thank god for GPS. Too bad the drivers here are just as confusing.

Kchu: Take a left here….wait..
A-chan: *gets cut off by some confused driver* FUCKING WHORE!!
Kchu: OAO|||| I’M SORRY!!!!!!
A-chan: NOT YOU.


I suck at really reading maps and deciding distance and time frame – but I ended up getting a hotel in College Park, on the edge of University of Maryland. ROR. But it wasn’t that bad of a drive. It’s right between Silver Spring and DC. So now you all know where to stay.

On the way there, we found a little Greek Diner – whose name I forgot. But we got a lot of food. I’ll probably post photos of it here. But it was chicken noodle soup, cheese sticks, Caesar salad with Chicken, and Chili. Between the three of us…we did not win again the food.

Food: 1, B’ziketeers: 0

Then off to the hotel. Where Kchu died and A-chan and I went to stock up for our trip at a grocery store. I didn’t get lost. A-chan didn’t get lost.

Found food network and died for the night.


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