Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 2: Wondering Washington, DC

Good morning world~! AKA poor Kchu is so jetlagged, she couldn’t help but wake up at the crack of dawn. Poor baby. I tried to pop up with her.

7:30 AM – B’z – Queen of Midrad = Jeshi drug time.

Then I passed out again.

And back up at 8 AM – B’z – C’monv= Jeshi grope around and snugs on a Kchu.

9 AM – Miyavi – Neovisualism =Jeshi gets her ass out of bed. Just like that.

After a great many struggle, we finally made it to the diner right by the hotel. It was amazing. Like it was a legit diner that is so greasy, large kitchen where you an see everything, questionable coffee, etc, etc….what does one NOT love about this diner? Nothing. It’s the real deal. No, I don’t remember the name either – but I’m sure A-chan foursquared us in. 8D

After brunch, we hopped into Jace and made our way to Washingto, DC. FYI parking is a bitch. but we found one by the Capitol Building. Took a ton of photos there and around the area of General Grant, the Capitol Building, Washington Monument, and we found the Botonic garden. FYI: all the museums and gardens are free here – it closes at 5:30PM. We didn’t know this until it was too late.

But we got loads of photos of ducks and seagulls, too. At one point, I was worried that Kchu was going to run off with the ducks. Achan needs upload all the photos that I fought so hard to get them.

But we got hungry and because we’re B’zeketeers, we had to have dinch (lunch+dinner) at the Hardrock Cafe. Now this was a struggle because it was by Georgetown University.  That campus is so pretty, I damn near switch schools and actually debated getting my ass in gear for an Ivy League school…then my laziness got the better of me. ROR. After we drove pass the HardRock like four times, we found parking. =w=;;; it wasn’t that expensive….$11.

But the thing with the parking lot is that it spits you out into this clock tower thing that’s really pretty. And like the Brown Palace in Denver, you’re not allowed to take photos in there. And like Jeshi in the Brown Palace in Denver, CLICK-FLASH-YOUCAN’TTAKEPHOTOSINHERE happened. But it’s ok, we got better. ;D

I forgot it was near October, which is breast cancer awareness month in the States, so the HardRock has their Pink stuff out. So cute. So pretty. So SHINYYYY *0*.  Oh, and we ate. Loads…we almost finish everything.

Food: 2, B’zketeers: 0

We’re working on it. Swear to god.

Then things get better, we went on to try and find the White House. Mission accomplished.
But only after we mistaken the Treasury-building-thing-that-I-forgot-what-spiffy-name-it-had. But on the way, we saw a homeless man with a laptop…and get ready for this: HE HAD A FREAKIN’ SOLAR PANEL. DUDE. THAT GUY IS MORE SPIFFED OUT THAN ME.

Dear Homeless population in Denver, You should learn from this guy. ROR.

Oh, and at the White House there was so many tourists (go figures). And there were cops everywhere (no, duh). And some guy ranting something (it IS America). And we were amused.

Things that I learned from Kchu about ForeverSummerLand:
-They don’t have ranters like that = They’ll be dragged out.
-They don’t have homeless people = it’s illegal.

ForeverSummerLand is very clean and safe. Too bad I’ll probably be dragged off.

On the way to find the Vietnam War Vet wall/Korean War Vet wall….we got lost. It turned out, it’s right by the Lincoln thing that’s on our pennies (I’m a horrible American). Yeah, totally missed it and nearly ended up in Virginia. The east coast is tiny, if you’re not careful, you’ll wake up in the wrong state. Which was pretty much Kchu’s case. HAHA.

We made it back to the hotel safely after like an hour and a half of pure hell traffic I love you A-chan. Since Kchu was so out of it, we figured we should get dinner. A-chan and I didn’t want to wake her up (and she told us to just go), we went to the Hard Knock Cafe (I might be wrong).

The Hard Knock Cafe, how do I explain my love for you? OMG YOUR CHILI AMAZING?! YOUR HAPPY HOUR CHICKEN WINGS? I HAVE NO OTHER WORDS. A-chan and I just died of happiness. And this place, if you go in there, it’s like an old tavern. You just can’t help but think that if you go to Maryland U, you’ll be there every evening, after every test, during every project, etc. (Or maybe I did Uni wrong….). But we got chili (took forever to decide on which one), Nachos (took another forever to decide), and Buffalo wings (FUCKING AMAZING BLU CHEESE WITH THAT BTW). The waitress was very attentive to us and helped us very well through our struggles of deciding on which chili for what, take out, and refilling our drinks. Took back the rest of the chili and nachos for Kchu (she passed out until like morning so it sat in our fridge for another day – and it was STILL good).

Food: 3, B’zketeers: 0

^that entire thing should be up on some food review place…but I’m too lazy to try and find it. xP

*AHEM* Done fangirling over food, Achan and I decided to share stories. Well, it was more like Achan’s stories. She’s full of good ones. Scary ones, too. I think we laughed so loud, it nearly rivals the time we were in a very quiet little Japanese restaurant and everyone was like O_O;;;; at our ROR.

It was a good night. =w=;;;


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