Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 3: Baltimore

Because I’m a struggle, I got the B’z Concert date wrong by a day. It’s on the 28th, not the 27th. Nevermind that I also woke up with a bruise the size of my face on my arm. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I took down some huge ass thug. But Achan and Kchu are sure that I took on the door. And lost.

Thug lyfe, man, thug lyfe.

Luckily for us, we had a friend out in MD. Schan was a little farther north of us, near Baltimore (Actually I could be totally off about this cause well…let’s be honest, it’s me). So, S-chan lead us to this German/Amish Market that included a restaurant inside. (It’s very similar to The Market in Denver on 14th and Lamir – only twice as big!) It was so cute and everyone was dressed Amish (am I wrong to point this out?), I found the ladies’ head things were really cute! They’re like little hearts on back. (=w=)<3

Achan got a sandwich, Kchu and I shared chicken potpie-that-wasn’t-in-a-pie soup and a chili dog, and Schan got some super salad. Now, let me explain to you how big the servings are: splitting the chili-dog in half is like 6 inches (16.2 cm for you on the metric system) a piece. Yes. FREAKING AMAZINGLY HUGE.

food: 4, B’zketeers: 0 (We’re just not winning this game, are we?)

Now for the WTF of the moment: My sunglasses just spontaneously broke in half.
The RORWIN of the moment: THEY HAVE CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON to both Achan and mine amusement and Kchu’s horror. =w= It seriously warms my heart.

Schan tried to lead us back somewhere, but we got stuck in OMGHELLISHTRAFFICEOFDOOM. HOW DOES ANY ONE GET ANYWHERE ON TIME HERE?! REALLY. Do people just decided, “Oh, I need to be here at 6PM, it’s about 5 miles from my current location, factor in people, traffic, highway, and good weather…I better leave at noon to get there in time.”

Okay, I just have no patience. Thank god for Kchu’s and Achan’s music playing thing. ROR. But hell, the traffic did allow us to talk and get to better know each other. Random stories…that I can’t disclose here without ending on three different hitlist and I don’t want to die yet.

Got to Walmart (some people call this the Wally-mart, ROR. I thought Tar-j was awesome…yes, I’m easily amused). We got drinks and lighters and I think we’re good. Then we found the mall…but it was right next to Ross and Marshall…and seriously, I’m not rich. Ross and Marshall just have better deals for us 99%.

Seriously…a lot has happened…but I feel like not disclosing every detail…cause I remember we went to this cajunish-I-might-be-wrong-again bar. Got drinks. =w=…Well, Achan got a martini and Kchu got a mojito. Martini = good. Mojito = knocked Kchu and I off our feet. We got crab claws, calimari, and cornbread. The cornbread was tasty….the calamari was amazing, the crab was kind of dry but whatever. The important thing to know about the crab claw was Kchu.

She was like OMG *crack-crack-crack* VICTORY! perfect crab

I think they train people in ForeverSummerLand to do that. Achan agrees. Schan was distracted

Another night ends with Kchu passing out and I’m trying to fight against the urge to just roll on her.  =w=;;; People don’t understand how tempting it is to roll on someone while they’re sleeping (come on, I’m the oldest of three. SADISTIC NATURE COMES NATURALLY TO ME D: )


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