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Day 4: B’z Silver Spring Concert

The day of the concert.

Still thugging with my bruise. Sorta. Haha.

Actually, we took advantage of the morning to do laundry and get some groceries – since we’re leaving to New Jersey the next day. I made us sandwiches like a good woman should – only not in the kitchen cause we didn’t have one.

Kchu made beautiful B’z fanart again. She always does. She got skills. We took loads of photos of it and her. And then she explained her fear of getting Takbooted. But I figured she’ll be fine. I mean, really, if she’s lucky, she’ll get the complete pair. >8D

Got to the venue about 4/5ish….with the words “OMG YOU FLASHED EVERYONE!”

Thank you, Kchu. For letting all the fans in line to see down my shirt. THANK YOU. MY BOOBS ARE APPRECIATIVE OF YOU. Lesson: don’t wear shirts 2x your size. Even if you’re a thug.

In line, we met Miss J. Very sweet girl, first B’z concert, learning Japanese, a MUCC fan (high-5!), a huge Lar en ciel fan (high-5 for the countless times she saw them here and oversea!).  We also met a couple. Let’s be honest, the average B’z fan are aunties and uncles. They’re very sweet, the woman is a B’z fan, where as her hubby is more of an XJapan fan. Haha, so sweet still! Schan also joined us at the last minute.

Then out of fear that Achan won’t be able to make it back in time, she told me to drop off her ticket at will call. Now, because I’m totally rational, this is how it went down:

Me: OMG!! *mad dash from the middle of the line to the damn front of the line, instead of stopping like a normal person, I have to plaster myself onto the window* D:
Guy at will call: O_O…e_e;;; please get off the window
Me: CAN I LEAVE A TICKET HERE FOR MY FRIEND?! *add uber dramatic voice here*
Him: Yeah…put her name here and put the ticket into the envelope….please get off the window
Me: *deplastered and do as he said* THANK YOU D:<
Him: =_=;;; no problem…
Everyone in line: O____________________________________________O

At the concert, we got an hour to wait for the actual show to start. Kchu and I were in the middle, about 4 rows back from the stage. Now, I hear 2 people talking about TV shows that I watch (White collar, Dr. Who, etc, etc…) Then the thought of hunger hit both Kchu and I. Which also engaged these people as well. Loads of chatter later, some thing about meeting them for dinner maybe after the show. Their names are Mchan and Nchan (I know, I’m so creative it hurts).


If you want a show review, here’s a link: B’z Silver Spring Live Review

After the show, we went out of the venue to the merchandises. We had to get everything for Kchu’s buddies in FeverSummerLand and Echan. Half a grand later, we’re practically dragged out by Miss J to see Schan and these people with cameras. Now, we all know I’m like foot in mouth in normal situation. Put me in front of a camera and you might as well just sit in my mouth.

Kchu and Me: ER
Miss J: they wanted to interview you guys.
Kchu: *elegantly epic out in class B’z fangirl way – I don’t know how she does it, she just does*

I don’t even know if I should even write this out word for word cause it was seriously….DERP, DERP, DERP, KCHU, KCHU, KCHU, KCHU, DEEERRRP, SHAAAANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Yeah. o_o

Achan pointed out that she had some more friends in the area for the show and they wanted to met us for dinner. And Kchu and I were like *O* OTAY FOOD!!! So, as the three B’zketeers, we were on our way to find this Thai restaurant…which we thought was in the MALL. It was empty because I don’t know…IT’S LIKE 10 PM AT NIGHT?

Me: ……HELLO????? *echos in the empty mall*
Kchu and Achan: *facepalm*

Eventually we found the restaurant. Now for the ROR, Mchan and Nchan from the concert were there! With their friends! They’re all friends with Achan….go figured. Small world!! ROR. We were amused. HAHA.

Loads of silly chatter. Spicy food that I held my own against! >] We got this sweet coconut magicalness. Yes, there was leftovers.

Food: 5, B’zketeers: 0 <–why am I even bothering?!

The end of the night result:
-I’m going to be Tchan’s bodyguard (what can I say? My bruise proves I can take on any thugdoor)

I don’t know how , but we made it back to the hotel in one piece. Panic packed…then fell asleep.


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