Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 5: To New Jersey

The next morning, we magically packed up and fit everything into JACE. He’s pretty damn amazing. We went and picked up some things: A cooler, Pringles, and cup noodles.

Now, I never knew that the east coast was so green. I mean, like they had trees and all. It was like *O* and green stuff and all I can think of is: This is where I would hide a body. o_o;; I worry about me sometimes. We went through Delaware and Pennsylvania, stopped at Cleveland (that’s what it said on the building). Got coffee and….Nathan’s hot dog.

Yeah, the original hot dog makers. One step closer to getting my shady hot dog from a shady hot dog stand in Manhattan. >8D

Then we had a good ten minute struggle where I lose my camera under Kchu’s seat. I know. I’m just that cool. OTL

Driving along, we got to the hotel, where we just died and I got the wrong  pringles. e_e;;; And then we had to get Ychan from her Uni. What a good student, going to school willingly. Haha…and because I had to make sure she found us in Jace, I screamed her name. Poor thing. Getting publicly known as my friend on her campus. HAHA.

After kidnapping Ychan, we decided to make a run for New York. Right over the Washington Bridge. Thank god. Cause the East coast have a thing for tunnels. And everyone knows, you have to hold your breath.

This is where I should let everyone know right now: Tolls are like having a goat in your pocket that eats all your money.

But the first day in New York! And we had to get steak. Because well, it’s us. We’re B’zketeeers! So we found like the nicest damn place in New York – and missed it like four times trying to get parking. Achan then ejected us so we can get a table and she parked. Then I stood outside so she can get back to us and I witness the traffic fail that included a taxi and a bus.

Now, this place is lovely. Freaking tiny. Freaking expensive. Freaking like $20 soup. We got clam chowder. First they delivered split peas or something – if Achan didn’t point it out, we would never know. When the right soup came out, it comes in this little pot that the waiter pours into your bowl and walks off with the pot.

“WAIT!!! There’s still more inside!”

Hey, it’s freaking $20 soup and we’re all poor kiddies here.

It was amazing, lovely. Dropped right into my cup of water. ROR.

Kchu and I ordered the veal and asparagus. Achan and Ychan got the Colorado Steak with fries. It was different than what I’m used to, cause the meat here was aged. Nommed on everything…cause it was tasty and amazing. Ychan and I are sauce eaters and Kchu and Achan are purest. Haha.

And no meal is complete without dessert.


Then we went on a hunt for the Empire State Building (yes we mistaken the Chrysler building for it). Oh, and New York has the nicest damn legs ever; made me into a lesbian. So, being ejected on Park Avenue…TIME SQUARE EVERYONE!! And it was so brightly lit up that it was intense and the stores were still opened! Oh, found the building. >.>;;;

Somehow we ended up in Korean town. So we went on a mystical quest to find Achan again. There was a lot of awkward moments…and it was amusing….trying to find Madison and 32nd – sounds freaking amazing to say outloud. Haha. We found Achan…with the most amazing shot of the Empire State Building. HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE.

We went on a final drive around the city. I made a video, but everyone would get sick looking at it.

Our hotel was amazing. It comes with a bar – cause every liquor store is closed. D< SERIOUSLY. So yeah….one tequila, two tequila…floor.


True story.



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