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Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 6: B’z in New York

I was pretty much comatose on this day.

So, Kchu made me presentable from looking like a rape victim to dressed. XD

Oh, and I bullied Ychan – because I can. xP Then we went on a mystical quest for Coney Island aka Shady hot dog opportunity

I recalled crossing a bridge, loads of blurry photos, and I hear bits and pieces of a conversation that I was dead to. Yeah…and there was a chicken. A GIANT FREAKING CHICKEN. Then there was a ferris wheel and that woke me up – I want to ride that! D:

Didn’t happen. But instead, Achan got us to a cute Italian restaurant. There was a lot of hand holding cause Kchu was convinced I was going to die. I didn’t. But our waiter spoke like the Godfather. I kid you not. I wouldn’t dare die in there – he would leave a horse head in my bed then.

We got bread…and loads of pasta. Like loads of it. I can’t ever remember why pasta seems to always grow.

Food: 6, B’zeketeer: 1

But more importantly, I have to tell you about how quaint this place is. It’s like a church but you don’t get the overwhelming feeling of GOD WILL SMIT THEE IF THOU DROP PASTA SAUCE. It was quiet and easy going as people just talked around.

Oh and the waiter took our photos….I wanted one of him. He can crumble the receipt like terrifyingly awesome. O_O LIKE WOW.  Oh, and you can make a gamble that if you guess the right number that comes out of the bottle, your meal is free. We didn’t win. e_e;;;

Back to the hotel we went because we had to change for B’z. But we had to stop and get a photo of the original hot dog maker – Nathan’s. Then forever traffic back to the hotel….dressed and changed and made our way to the show. Freaking tolls.

Freaking impossible…remember what I said about Maryland’s traffic? Times that by like 28357294723094872 times. Freaking hell. Nevermind, don’t hold your breath in the Lincoln tunnel…it’s impossible. e_e I tried twice now.

Now we got there, and how do I explain the B’z search. We were on Broadway…and we can’t find the damn theater…until we got direction….and then the ROR happened. That line went on forever around the theater. I mean, once we got half way and we can’t help but laughed at how impossibly long it was.

We made friends with the people because we can’t help but just laugh at the situation – Asan and Mchan. Sweet people really because we talked about everything from life to drinks and food and yeah….rife.

AND WE RAN INTO THE SHOW AND ENDED UP IN THE BACK. Rife. But it’s okay cause I got the best view of Shane ever. Have I ever mentioned how much I love his derp face.

Here is another review of B’z: B’z in New York

I know I’m lazy.

We tried to find merch again…and Kchu and Ychan got lost and out of the venue – ironically finding Achan, who I was supposed to find. So instead, I ended with Mchan and got merch goods for our ladies. She was so cute fangirling over the show.

Then we got ejected, too. Haha.

Asan and Mchan were invited to another gig, so they couldn’t join us for dinner at…you guessed it, the Hardrock Cafe with our new friend, Alsan.

I think things in New York are more uber. Cause they had a giant touch screen and you get a photo when you go in and yeah…it was like WHAM IN YOUR FACE.

So, I think we were all just too tired to actually eat, so our buschetta was left over. I blame Ychan just because I can. I love having someone to bully.

Food: 7, B’zeketeers: 1

And Kchu and Ychan got these drinks that they let them take the glasses home.
Al: Can’t we get one without a leaf in it?
Achan: I got this *empties the cups and makes a mess of the table*
us: ROR.
Al: *turns to the waiteress* Can we get cleaned new glasses?
Waitress: *looks irked at the mess* yeah you bring out your receipt and they’ll give you new glasses.
Us: Ooooh….



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