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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Day 15: Until next time…

Morning was early. We had to get into a taxi by 8AM for Kchu to make her flight in time. We got up. Dressed. Everything was ready to go. We … Continue reading

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Day 14: J-ME

This morning is one of every morning, where I try my damn hardest to not get up and cling to Kchu. Cause that’s what I do. I don’t get out … Continue reading

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Day 13: B’z in LA

THE BIG DAY BEGINS WITH: Food Network. What can I say? We’re addicted. BUT THE THINGS THAT THESE PEOPLE MAKE OUT OF FOOD IS JUST OMG. OH. MA. GAWD. Rinse … Continue reading

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Day 12: Little Tokyo

As we got up, Kchu and I did nothing but watched Food Network, cuddled in bed. And to be honest, Halloween Wars is just that good. We can’t help it….IT … Continue reading

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