Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 7: Hauling ass home

Yeah, the title says it all.

I attempted to make this an easy trip which I totally failed by booking all of us a flight home to Denver, from MARYLAND WHILE WE’RE IN NEW JERSEY. FAIL ON MY PART. SORRY.

The morning started with Ychan and I being the only ones alive. But then we went on to get the complementary breakfast from the hotel. It was really nice place. Like I said. It has a marble like bathroom, a closet, and really nice things…I should have photos. Even the lobby is shiny. It didn’t help that I came in my pj and Ychan was all cleaned up. All the visitors were like “O.O omg….”

There was doughnuts, waffle maker, eggs, toast, cereal, and coffee. Oh, and juices. We got eggs, waffles (where Ychan had to help me do magical stuff for the waffles to happen), and doughnuts. There was a lot of left overs. Cause we’re fail like that.

Food: 7, B’zketeers: 1

EDIT ON THE HOTEL: Achan says our hotel in New Jersey was haunted. She didn’t say anything in case I might flail. Too bad. I’m flailing now. D: One morning, Achan sat on the edge of her bed and was talking at me. out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw me come stand at the foot of the bed and kept talking, only I was wearing all white and blended with the white comforter on the bed. When Achan was finished tying her shoe and looked over and no one was there and I  was at the other end of the room…..o_o I don’t think I ever move that fast….shit. Can’t sleep. *dies*

Then we somehow all packed up and dropped off Ychan, who was able to thankfully catch her train back home. Then we hauled ass across three states to Maryland. Loads of chatter here. Where I ask as we’re in front of the University of Delaware if we’re in Delaware. OTL.

We stopped at the same rest stop as before. Coffeeeeee….we pretty much give Starbucks all our love. I mean, we were ejected from the car once to get Starbucks.

Oh, then I passed out and woke up in Maryland. Freaking magic is what Achan is. Or I just sleep a lot. We had time to get dinner before dropping off JACE and hop into our flight. The first place we tried to go to was pizza and it was closed on Monday. WHO CLOSES ON MONDAY?? People who hate working on Monday. Clever bastards.

Then we went to this quaint little steak house, not like the one in NY where we lost an arm, a leg, and a kidney. They serve all their meal with cornbread (which by the way, seems to happen a lot in MD…in the Mid/West, we just get bread). You had to cut it out of the pan cause it was just that fresh, which pretty much give us a huge hint on our meal….*food critic mode*

We had this crab bisque soup that had a spiffy name that I forgot and I hope that Achan or Kcuh will remind me – HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE. And it was glorious. It was like MELT IN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH ORGASM GLORIOUS. Like I swear, if I was a crab and I died, I would not mind being in this soup. THAT’S HOW GOOD IT WAS. =w=

Then there was a prime rib sandwich (because we were too early for dinner, and they only serve prime rib for dinner). Even as a sandwich, Achan let us all know it was one of the best she had ever had. I don’t have refined enough taste buds to know prime rib quality…for me steak is good. >.>;; *food critic fail!*

The fish and chips was just…I think this is why the girls in Carnation Street are always eating fish and chips. For those none-Brits (or non-Brit show watchers), chips in this term are fries. I never know why but that’s just how it is.  Now, this isn’t like the frozen stuff you get out of your fridge cause you’re too poor to afford food and your mum thinks you’re a big kid now to fend for yourself. No, this is REAL FRESH FISH THAT THEY TAMPURAED AND FRIED. It breaks off, flasks about, and dives into your mouth. Dip it into the soup if you want. No, I didn’t put it in vinegar like they did in Corrie. It came with tartar sauce, never quite got it right. But it was so good, it didn’t matter.

I swear, they probably killed the crabs, cow, and fish right in the kitchen with how freaking fresh everything tasted. Even the potato didn’t have a chance. =w=;;; If I remembered the place name, I would definitely come back just to try out one of their home made brew beers. I have a weak spot for apple cider and pumpkin beer, what can I say?

Food: 8, B’zketeers: 1 (it was a lot a of food!!)

Kchu and I had to go explore the crime store right next to the resturant because it’s a crime store and who could resist? I then realized I realized I never got Mum a souvenir of any states that I have been in. And a crime store was not the place. >.> FORGIVE ME, MOTHER DEAR. BUT I DON’T THINK A BODY OUTLINE IS WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE. EVEN IF IT SAYS WASHINGTON, DC.

Moving on, turns out our parking space EXPIRES at 4. Meaning that no matter what, if your car is in that spot after 4PM, it’s not like Denver where it’s free. It’s FUCKING YOUR SPOT EXPIRES YOU’RE IMPOSING ON FUCKING RUSH HOUR. HERE IS A TICKET FOR $100. My first ticket.

And the man that issued it was like “BITCHES PLEASE, DON’T EVEN TRY TO BEG FOR YOUR SOULS.” Yeah. But it’s ok. We got this. Because we got to return the car, go to the airport and get on our flight. Which was more of a struggle than anyone cared to know.

GPS: Turn right.
Achan: *changes 273598324 lanes over and turns right*
GPS: Make U-turn when possible.

We ended up trapped for a good while, where a nice cop advise us that we can only turn right down a ONE WAY. NO DUH. THANKS SIR.

Once we got to the car rental place, we donated all of our extra groceries to them…awkwardly dump all our ice into their lot…and got on the bus to the airport. Once there, we realized none of us sat together. Q.Q But Achan was more proactive and asked if the guy next to her will change seats with me. =w=….longest flight where I did nothing but sleep more….and got the right pringles. ❤ From what I saw from Kchu was her head and she was drawing something…>.>….oh, what it would be like to have talent. I studied some…aka got really confused as to what the fuck we were doing in class. I figured it had to do with coloring Peter Graph with chromosomes. Yup.

We finally landed in Denver, Kchu was so nervous meeting my parents, it was cute but then I got nervous. O_O;;; Achan’s brother got her instead. And going home was just…strange.
Dad: ……….*sigh*
Kchu: ROR.

Yeah. My rife.

We had Pizza hut cause mummy and dadiums didn’t want to cook and they waited for our bums and we’re not picky about food. But it was a struggle cause the lady on the phone hung up on me, then the place turned into a drive through, and then we got home.

Kchu: O___________O IT’S HUGE
Me: ……..welcome to America? o_o

She proceeded to spazz out and I was worried I was going to lose her in my house. ;; It would be so hard to tell Papa Domo that I lost her….in my basement.



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