Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 8: Wondering around Denver

So we like passed out until forever…cause we were so worn out.

But we went on a mystical quest for breakfast aka Jeshi’s house has a lot of bread and natto. So I made Kchu miso soup and she did magical stuff to the natto – where I stare in shock with my bagel. And yeah…I need more Asian in my life.

We went to the Korean market because I had to get new glasses (yes, I’m blind). Kchu helped me picked out glasses, or I would’ve picked the biggest damn pairs in the place and walked out. Yes, that’s how I roll. >P But now I have a pair that matches everyone. =w= We went grocery shopping there and got more bleach cause my roots were killing everyone that had to see them. Didn’t help that I did a botch job on my last touch up. ROR.

Mummy then took us to go see around Denver aka we went to the most expensive mall in Denver: Cherry Creek Mall. Freaking amazing. Poor Kchu was like O_O;;; and couldn’t help but mentioned that in ForeverSummerLand has a mall like this. The radies there has beehives. I was impressed. In CC Mall, the radies don’t have beehives. Q.Q I should try and convince them otherwise.

One thing that Kchu and I agree on is that LV has the most WTF display. It’s tentacle porn with STDs. Seriously. Look at it! Only in ForeverSummerLand has it all over the place, not only in a little shop. O_O Must be terrifying at night!

Onwards, we went to meet Achan and her brother and boys. Now her kiddies are forever little in my eyes, mostly because I can’t grasp the concept of growing. Ever. But we got dim sum and they’re so sweet. Kchu even ordered in her language. Otay, I have been here a million times…but it’s really different having someone that knows WHAT everything actually IS is something else. HAHA. We got so much food. There was so many different kind of dumplings, baked things, and…..

Chrysanthemum tea.

So, when you go this place, they give you good old jasmine green tea. And this is what I’m used to. Achan and the boys are used to. But Kchu got us an order of Chrysanthemum tea. I had this. Many times. With honey so it would be sweeter even. But the way that Achan tells us: OMG IT TASTES LIKE WEED.

Kchu: O_O WHAT.
Me: But it smells nothing like it…(._.)
Achan: Well, you kids can drink it. I have to drive so I can’t be under the influence.


Now you know what weed/Chrysanthemum tea tastes like.

Food: 8, B’zketeers: 2 (BAM, BABIES!)

There was a lot of talking and and fixing up of things and catching up and breaking things. ROR. When Achan dropped us back at my house, we totally just restocked her back up with pies, bread, and energy drinks….and there’s still some left at my place. Goodness.

Then the horror happened. I had to pick up my meds at the local grocery…and I had to drive Kchu. Thank god, she has life insurance, travel insurance, Jeshi insurance. You never know, the roads are crazy here in suburban USA. But we got there. Got my drugs. And decided to stop by Target because we wanted a map of the US and they don’t have it in the grocery. Strange, I know. But Target had it.

And because I fall prey to it every time, Target got us horribly distracted. We got some stuff and stuff there. Loads of random stop and ponies and yeah. Ponies. Got to love them. While leaving, this nice guy came and give us free coffee cause the cafe accidentally made two instead of one and he didn’t want to drink both of them. Apparently, this is not something that would happen in ForeverSummerLand.

Then I realized we drink coffee from a stranger. Remember what your mother always say? Don’t talk to strangers? Yeah…that doesn’t apply here.

Once home, we went into uber packing mode and got all of Kchu’s stuff into a box to ship off to ForeverSummerLand cause she love her kiddies and got everyone gifts. And the box could fit a body in there. Legit. Weights as much as a small child, too. Goodness, I’m a horrible person.

During this time, we even touched up my roots….Thank you, Kchu. Then pack some more while I freaked out. Washed the bleach and we decided I needed pink hair. More packing…and finally…DONE.

I was a patchy pink head….it was bad dye. So we’ll have to get more. But I liked the pink. It was enough to get people staring at WTF…and I think it killed a bit of Kchu inside. =w=;;; I shouldn’t be so lax about my hair.


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