Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 9: 30 to 80 to 30

Originally, the plan was to go to downtown Denver, hang out a bit, get lunch with Achan, and just mossy on with life.

Yeah, no.

I got a call, I had to get labwork done, the entire place was filled. We spent an hour that morning in there. Then got home and ejected right away because Mum’s meeting was moved up two hours and she was dropping us off in downtown.

ROR. It’s the first presidential debate. SO EVERYTHING IN DOWNTOWN WAS SHUT OFF. Like damned. So Mum said she had the day off then, so she can take us around instead. Canceled lunch with Achan because nothing is opened – including the damn highway. Which is why Mum had the day off, everyone wanted to get out of downtown ASAP.

When we first got up, the temperature was about 30F (-1C). By noon, it was 80F (26C). Welcome to Denver, Colorado. Our weather is as predictable as my mood swings. Sorry world. Poor Kchu. ;; But Mumzy took us to the biggest outlet mall in Colorado and we wondered (ROR at the 70% discount that is still $200). Had coffee in the attempt to wake up and failed. =w=;; Mumzy shared a lot of her stories with us about yonder years.

Then we went to get groceries again – mostly because Mumzy has to feed an entire school on the weekends so we had to stock up at an Asian market. In which case, Kchu decided to help us learn some ForeverSummerLand tastes by helping us picked up a lot of jarred veggies, sauces, and what dishes they would taste good in. I don’t think I remember them all. Q.Q;;;

Mummy ordered us Pho to take home for dinner, because Kchu needs to try pho from here! >[ It’s my stable when I’m dying and lazy and so on and so forth. And she loved it. Freaking hell yes. =w=;;; She eats it like my dad: with nothing but a bit of fish sauce. Mum and I are like EVERYTHING AND THEN SOME. AND SHE HAD COCK SAUCE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. She didn’t like it. =_=;;; Apparently, it was sweet.  But that’s fine. Only I associate cock sauce to FREAKING HOT MAN THERE GOES MY FREAKING TASTE BUDS. But that’s just me. And the Oatmeal. Just saying, man.

Food: 8, B’zketeers: 3 (we’re on a roll!)

But Kchu was so sweet and she cut the honeydew for my family and I.So sweet. ❤ If it was me, we would all be spending the night in the ER. >8D

Since we did eat between lunch and dinner, we figured we’ll have more pho later. Instead, we ordered the postage for her package and did all our housekeeping for money and will catch the first Presidential Debate on TV. But we had an hour or two before the debate, so why not take a little nap?

I popped up to close the windows because it was raining and the temperature dropped back to 30F (-1C). Then curled back up with Kchu. Then at 9PM. When all the stores are closed, the debate is over, I get up. Just popped up and just was like “….fail.” Cleaned my room a bit as Kchu was catching up on sleep. Threw the package out front for the post man to pick up in the morning and we’re good.

Then Kchu got up about an hour later…? And we went and got more pho. ❤ I tried to force her to watch New Girl but it wasn’t on netflx. You failed me, Netflix. And I couldn’t get Formula 17 to work. Q.Q so we just chatted, bothered Papa Domo and….

I don’t remember. I think we passed out again.

Oh, jetlag, you sadistic bastard.


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