Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 10: Ridiculous night


Pho is just that amazing. Just saying. Before Dadium dropped us off at the lightrail station by his work place. It was different for us because I never remember to buy fare due to my student ID. But I had this little booklet of ticket things that you just validate and it does magical stuff. Then it hit us, it’s freaking cold out here. FREAKING COLD. 30F (-1C). What is wrong with us?!

But we rode all the way down to Downtown Denver, made a lunch date with Achan and decided to wonder around Downtown. Downtown is a cute little place, it’s not New York or anything but it’s sweet. We made it down as things were just opening. Got some nice stuff and stuff…stop by a store to get Achan a Hello Kitty wallet because it was so cute, it hurts!! Then into a book store cause it’s one of my many vices and tried to find some books for Papa Domo. Papa Domo is so cock sometimes aka “get Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils. Don’t get the other Brimstone Angels, it’s too evil for me”. Only Papa Domo….=w=;;

I had to drag her through the Brown Palace it’s shiny. And through this building that I never went into before because it’s always closed when I do wonder nearby: it’s an office building. OTL Well, that was a joy kill. =___________=;;

So Downtown has a lot of street solicitors for newspaper, helping the homeless, saving the world, saving babies, etc., etc. One of the baby savers approached us and said hi and I had to say hi back because it’s what I do.

Him: Do you want to save babies?!
Me: No, I’m a baby puncher! 😀

And he still bothered us for a good five minutes until Kchu just dragged me off. Smart girl, that one. Everyone should invest in a Kchu. Just saying.

THEN FINALLY…we got new pink dye for my head before meeting Achan because the patchiness was killing Kchu inside. We went to met at a place that Achan and I also frequent. Forever to be seated, too. But we got chili (not as good as it could be..must be because it was so busy. *sigh*) then scrambled eggs on waffles with bacon and a hamburger of love. =w=;;;

Food: 9, B’zketeer: 3 (yeah we just couldn’t win)

Then the map came out and Achan helped showed us everywhere we have been together. Including last year trip through all of California (Yeah…more B’z….>.>;;). We went to a lot of places: Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, California, Colorado….

Goodness, and we’re going to go on more places in the future. That’s a promise! HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE

But we had to cut it short becaues Achan had to go tend to adult business and I had a quiz to take. So I locked Kchu in my office (I’M SORRY HONEY D: ).

-stupid quiz happened here, I don’t remember, I slept though most of it-

I returned to my office to find that Kchu art it up. Lovely goodness…I really should just upload a photo here. e_e;;;
But this is where things get hairy, because my parents booked us rooms up in the mountains because Kchu never been in a casino before. We had to stop by my sister, Fish, to drop off some stuff for her in dorms.

A big bag of stuff later after, dorm and Fish…and we were on our way to the hotels. But there was road work and we had to take a huge detour in the mountains and vast grasslands…and Kchu told me a bunch of scary stories. Which still baffles my mind that this is something an entire society believes in. I mean, I’m used to “Yeah I believe in ghost…and I don’t do this due to superstitions…” But in ForeverSummerLand, it’s an entire society believing in the Hungary Ghost festivals so no one is outside too late! It’s not just a few families…It’s an entire country! O_O INSANE, RIGHT?! YAW.

There were some stories that makes me just go WTF WHAT. And some where cute. And others are like OMG I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. But things that I have picked up:

Change a hotel room when:
-It smells funny
-You feel strange in it
-The bible in the drawer is open
-The bible is on the dresser AND OPEN GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.

Just FYI.

Yeah. We got there…and Mummy got us a buffet dinner there. Where we tried just about everything…and I got us this giant plate of crabs and I was like: ….I wonder if we can finish this.

Yeah, we couldn’t.

Food: 10, B’zketeers: 3

But we enjoyed the desserts…=w=  things that keeps me happy: Sweets. Then going upstairs to see our first room, it was like a lover’s suit? I don’t know, it was huge with two teles? I dunno. There was a huge mirror in it and that freaks me out in the dark, just saying. But I checked the bible and it was in the drawer and closed. Safe.

Dadiums and Mummy got us another room at another hotel as well – because my parents do things over the top. And this place was a lot nicer. There was marble everything. AND NO BIBLES. I DUNNO HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT. But yeah. No strnage feelings, no strange smell…so we figured it was alright. e_e;;; AND NO BIG SCARY MIRROR. We stayed there. It was ridiculous. So excessive!

But we went to get some drinks from downstairs to bring back to our room…and as we’re going into the lift, the nice man held the door for us. Right then, the bag slipped off my shoulder and right onto my arm causing me to throw my drink on him.

Me; O_O
him: O_O
His GF: O_O
Kchu: *facepalm*

Lucky they were nice and understanding and yeah. My life is a fail.

But then Kchu and I went and redyed my hair pink. It’s not patchy. She didn’t hurt inside.

We thought we were all gonna die from the shower. But we lived. 8D



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