Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 11: Onwards to LA…

Got up. Stared at the clock.


More snuggles in bed. Got up out of bed, dressed, wondered the casino. Got drinks. Back into the room. Television.
Noticed that I didn’t throw my drinks that anyone on the lift. But that’s the general gist of our morning. Oh, then we all went to breakfast at this buffet place again, because that’s pretty much how things are done in the mountain casinos.

Mumzy was there to help me out because I’m a struggle of a child. She just give me a plate of bacon and I stared and stared and stared an tried to eat it. Bacon is amazing. Until it tried to kill your liver.

Food: 10, B’zketeer: 3

Then we somehow got home, I dunno, Kchu and I fell asleep and then we woke up home and realized we had like 30 minutes to get ready to leave for LA. ROR.


GO BACK IN. REPACK STUFF FOR MY SISTER, ABU. I almost feel bad that I call her that. >.>;;; There was so much food in the carry on and so much stuff in my check-in…..all for Abu.
Once we got eject into the airport, it was official: Asian dads have FBI timing. They just do. It’s magical. I dunno how they do that. e_e;;; You would think it’s genetic. It’s not.

Flying back to LA was interesting, we talked about inviting spirits/deities into your home. I decided, if I live in ForeverSummerLand, I want to live on the top floor of some 100+ floors building, invite in a deity that requires monks going up ALL the flights of stairs to my place. Just saying. I’m a horrible person, I know.

But we asked this nice lady to switch with us. I’m still not sure if she wanted to or not, she didn’t say anything and just got up and switched so we never got a chance to thank her or anything. So, nameless-seat-switching-lady, thankies. (._.);;

And then, Kchu and I proceeded to disturb all the passengers with our chitter-chatter:

“He calls him his idiotic best friend. I tell him it’s alright, I have an idiotic best friend, too.”
Me: Oh…?
Kchu: You’re best friend ^-^;;;
Me: Oh. EH?! D<

Yeah. Rife.

Landing in LA, we got into a taxi. Now online according to the hotel:
shuttle = $18/person = $32 total
Taxi = $35

So we got the taxi naturally. And with all the traffic it was ROR $50 + a long rant about how no one is actually from America and long family history later. Fuckers. Should’ve shuttle it.

But we started to bother all of Kchu’s students. >] Things I love doing, tempting good students out of their studies. Poor Jam-chan >.>;;; This is why I wonder why I have friends. I mean, really, I’m a horrible person >_>;;;

But we got to the hotel, I texted Abu and Jam-chan.  It was the same hotel chain that we stayed in at New Jersey. However, it felt sort of half-assed. We had to change room through, because the air conditioner was leaking in the first room and Kchu and I ended up with wet socks. e_e;;

BTW, king size beds are GIANT. FREAKING, GIANT. Kchu and I can fit in like TWO more people. O_O

Then we found food. It was this Shabu shabu/Sushi/Hookah place, that or another sushi place we can walk to. We also got direction to the local groceries, too. Wrote it down on plain old paper. Kchu took a picture with her spiffy Iphone (might be one of two reasons I would ever invest in one of those). And we walked there.

I think it was called Lotus on Flower? It was on Flower street. Haha. It’s really cute. You walk in and the place was like a lounge you can just lay out and enjoy hookah. (Makes me wish I can appreciate it, done it once. Failed like a goat who thought it could take on a lion). The waiters were so kind as they seat us in this cute little nook. Ordered two sushi rolls (California and Rainbow) and an order of Shabu Shabu, a lychee drink, and miso soup. Their water tasted strange. o_o

It was perfect, we finished everything. Kchu added magical stuff together and it was all magically tasty. I made a mess while Kchu was magically clean. e_e Must be some thing I’m not getting right. All I can think about is that pumpkin that was so abandon. ANd when i was finally allowed to throw it in. It looked so happy.

Our miso would’ve never came if Kchu hadn’t said anything.
Tasty…..and ready for this? WE FINISHED EVERYTHING.

Food: 10, B’zketeer: 4


It’s hard to put into this how much fun we had just walking from the restaurant to the grocery. What else that I noticed, is that my sister’s campus is a lot saferer than mine. It was late at night, people were walking about. Everyone was lively and it felt so at ease. If this was my campus, at this hour, I would be avoiding homeless folks, trying to keep from being pestered, and IF I can find a cop-they would probably be offering to walk me to the lightrail.RICH KID SCHOOLS. SIGH.

I think the best summary is:

Me: *points to a church tower* LOOK I FOUND MICKYD’S! Oh wait, it’s a church.
Me: *trips over a tree hole thing* O_O IT’S A SIGN FROM GOD. HE’S NOT AMUSED.


We got what we needed and went home. Tripped again. (God, I got the point. YOUR CHURCH IS NOT A MICKYDs!!!)

And right when Kchu hopped into the shower, Abu called us to her place. She sent us a night cruiser (YEAH. RICH KID SCHOOlS. SIGH). We got her stuff to her and they call it all good.  The night cruiser driver wasn’t amused with us. But we got there, she dropped us off at the wrong side of Troy. Whatever that means. And there were all these girls walking around in TINY little dresses and heels.

Abu explained it to us. We were in GREEK ROAD, also where all the frats and sororities are. It was a huge Mean Girl party so every girl was dressed as the plastic, they “don’t always look like whores”. Her words. Not mine. xP

Her place was nice. Finally met the boy that was wooing her. Totally scared him. He’ll be fine. I’ll call him Sparklyvampire – because he had the misfortune of having a Twilight name. He’s alright through….so I let him live as Abu sent us home in another night cruiser. But we got lost in the chance of getting out. Set off some alarm in the process. ROR.

Got home…..

Watched Food Network. My suitcase is empty. >.>;;;;;


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