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Day 12: Little Tokyo

As we got up, Kchu and I did nothing but watched Food Network, cuddled in bed. And to be honest, Halloween Wars is just that good. We can’t help it….IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING.


That was us, the entire time.

Achan was with us, even if it wasn’t in person. She recommended us to get flowers for B’z. We decided on this cute little truck. It was a bigger struggle than it needed to be, because we couldn’t decide on a name. x.x;;;

Then we went to see Abu for lunch with one of her roommate, Aly-chan. It was nice, walking there was closer than the grocers. Haha. She was able to get a Zip car – I can’t get one because I’m not a student there. OFF TO LITTLE TOKYO!!

Things we realized was that Abu always ignores people. Always. It wasn’t just me, Aly-chan, too. And the moment, I put on my mustache-sunglasses, she walked away. e_e That’s my sister.

In little Tokyo we found all sorts of little shops, including one that sells macaroons. Abu was in love.

But we did end up going to a ramen place. It was amusing…because Abu wanted to try everyone’s food. We got news to met Kchu’s students at Little Tokyo instead so that Abu and Alychan can go back to school for classes or work. And have enough time for Sarah to stop by and get some macaroons. Of course.

Food: 10, B’zketeers: 6

Abu took all the left overs. xP

Then it was Kchu and my turn to search around Little Tokyo for purikura. And we wondered around the town. Got really strange looks and got lost and tried to keep in contact with Kchu’s students.  I think we took forever to get there. Got lost. and got directions, passed a group of cosplayers (o_o there was no con…just a gathering. Or there was a con and we just didn’t know.) AND AFTER BEING LOST FOREVER, WE GOT TO PURIKURA!!!!!!

Purikura machine: 300 yen
Store price: $10

Yeah, inflation at its best. BUT, THIS PURIKURA PLACE HAS SOMETHING YOU WON’T FIND IN MOST OTHER PLACES!!! You can rent cosplay, outfits, wigs, and whatever the hell else you would like! 😀

And to top it all off, if you’re with me, I’ll derp out on every single photo.

Kchu will testify to this. =w=;;;;;;; Sorry.

AND THEN WE FINALLY GOT THE CALL! To find Kchu’s students!

Now, you’ll know what the name of this blog is. We got lost. Trying to find them…we waved at the wrong blue car. And I nearly regret not paying attention to Dadium’s instruction on where to find things with just an address without a GPS. I know. Freaking magic. But we found them eventually.

Che-chan and Mel-chan were very cute. They’re like those Asian keychains you want to keep cause it makes your keys easy to find but hard to use but it’s okay because it’s cute. >.>;;
It explains my many struggles.

But we found them!! And they took us off to Korean Town. Which was cute and strange. I dunno who it was possible but teh last time I was there, I end up on the bad part of it and they found the cut part of it. e_e Go figure I would be the one to find the part of town where I would get shot in. ROR.

They took us to Tufu-soemthingsomething Korean restaurant. The place was packed and OMG THE FOOD. Okay, let me explain to you the menu. You order something and it comes with everything.

So we all got the basic set, Che-chan and Mel-chan got the beef and Kchu and I got the assorted stuff.

THEN IT CAME WITH RICE, POTATO SALAD, EGG, THE TYPES OF KIMCHI, AND EACH OF US GOT A FISH. Not even counting the giant bowl which was the basic set entree. (I forced my shrimps on Kchu…they had eyes.)

No. We didn’t win. We were not victorious.

Food: 11, B’zeketeers: 4

After a really strange hassle in the parking lot, we walked to this really popular hangout that is supposedly in this popular web series called Something-Jess-forgot-again. But it’s 24 hours and its’ really cute and they totally jacked the logo from Starbucks. Kchu got her drink, caramel mochiato-I-hate-all-things-that-are-sweet, and I got my green tea frap AKA happiness (Kchu nicked named it DOOM, which really stands for Dreams Of Obsessive Merry).

We chit-chatted, then we had to go back to the parking lot in hopes that Che/Mel’s car wasn’t tolled. It wasn’t. We got home safely. Chatted about things in our room, the convos were all over the place and their car wasn’t tolled from the hotel either. o_o

Kchu and I died after we know the girls were home (text people when you get home kiddies D< it freaks them out less. >[ )


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