Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 15: Until next time…

Morning was early.

We had to get into a taxi by 8AM for Kchu to make her flight in time. We got up. Dressed. Everything was ready to go. We just had to go. But we had time.

So instead, we watched Spongebob Squarepants. Quality TV right there…until we finally made our way to the taxi.

Remember back at first when we read online that a taxi was $35 and a shuttle was $32? Turns out it’s $70 for us to shuttle it. Fucking hell, we rather just taxi it to the airport.

It was a short drive. Actually, it was just as long as before. But you know the feeling. We’re going to where we’re going separate ways! >[ Yes, we’ll get back together soon…but we’re dramatic like that. Cause god knows when will be the next time I get to snug her. Roll on her. Scare her? ;; I SUCK AT PLANNING.

Got to the airport, trying to check Kchu in was where the trouble happened. LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES. LAST YEAR, KCHU’S FLIGHT WAS DELAYED. Then I was stranded in Tokyo. AND NOW, SHE WAS LATE FOR A FLIGHT THAT DOESN’T LEAVE FOR ANOTHER HOUR?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US?!

AFTER A LONG WAIT IN LINE -________________________- turns out that since there was room in the earlier flight, they just assumed she would be on it. NOPE. So they checked her in and she had 15 minutes to get there in time for boarding.

;; We barely had time to say good bye. ;; HUGS. AND FEELINGS. AND SHE TOLD ME NOT TO CRY.
AND THEN DRAMATICALLY RAN OFF KOREAN DRAMA SAYONORA STYLE. (Or at least in my head that was how it was, I’m sure there was even a sound track to it.)

And I went to check into my flight. And I sniffled the entire way there. And then learned that my gate was RIGHT NEXT TO KCHU’S. FUCK YOU AIRLINES. TEARS. FEELINGS. I GOT THERE RIGHT AS HER FLIGHT WENT OFF. MORE FEELINGS. =_=

I cried on the plane randomly. While reading 50 Shames of Earl Grey. Do you have any idea how many strange looks I got?!

I got home. It was good to know that Kchu got on her connection flights in time.








Kchu got to ForeverSummerLand alright. ❤


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