Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 1 @ A-kon

So today is pretty much the mother-of-all-bad-days.

It started at midnight, where I get a call from my sister (we’ll call her Saru-chan) called me saying the car broke down with her, my youngest sister (we’ll call her Fish-chan), and Fish-chan’s boyfriend (we’ll call Avacado-kun). So I had to haul ass home from my Aunt’s birthday an hour away, get there, get the kids home while I’m waiting in the dark, with the emergancy lights on, off to the side of the road, waiting to toll the car home. I nearly got hit by Subarubitch.

Got home.


Bed at 4AM.

Then I woke up at 7AM, get ready to work from home for 4 hours before leaving for the airport. I lost my fav new earring, I don’t even know how that was possible. Freaking panic. LIKE SERIOUSLY, PIZXIES, LEAVE MY DAMN EARRINGS ALONE.

Gone to pick up bread, deliever them, and then panic drive to the airport.

… flight was delayed for an hour.

Than an hour and a half.

Got to Texas and had to haul ass – change into normal clothes in the taxi – all the way to A-kon to get to the press meeting. BY THE WAY, WHAT THE FUCK, THERE IS WATER IN MY AIR. WHY THE HELL.

Sounds easy if I didn’t get so lost in the damn hotel, thank god poor Kei-chan had to come and save my ass – or I would’ve stood in the registration line for 6 hours. No, I’m not exaggerating. People have been there since I got up. One would think they would’ve improve this process considering they’re one of the biggest damn con in the lands!! But hey, what do I know, maybe they’re trying to drain people’s time to power some super power demon that has been sealed away for century and can only be awaken by taking up 57943875984375 people’s time. Then some unknown girl will realized she’s really a superheroine named CAPTAIN FRUITTART, SAVING THE WORLD WITH FRUITS!!!! O_________________________________O

Okay, getting side tracked…um, rule for press:
-No selfies with the band. (DAMNED THERE GOES MY HOPES AND DREAMS!!)
-No touching (WELL, DOUBLE DAMNED!)

In other words, be fucking professional, don’t be a dick.

PANIC run around the con as Kei-chan and I got lost in the attempt to get the tripod and put my suitcase somewhere “safe”. Got back to the concert, where I learn that NSDP will be opening for Exist Trace. Then I realized I have been texting to my friends, “I’m going to Exist TRANCE” FUCKING TRANCE. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?!

But the crowd seems happy. Excited. You know, the usual concert goers excitement. NSDP started.

NSDP is not the New Socialist Party BTW. It stands for Night Spitter Dark Pain. I know, hard to remember, so I used Not So Dead People as a way to remember. Much easier. But here is their site if you’re curious or certain I’m completely bugfuck (that’s not too far from the truth either):

They were good, really lively, which makes my definition accurate! HAHA. There was a really cute girl named Yui, she’s their guitarist and she’s just cute. Ash doesn’t like shirts – nor does the audience. Loads of seizure inducing strobes. Photographers everywhere…and no, I didn’t have a camera and a phone camera doesn’t count. So, I sit and watch and tried to remember everything.

I remember really well there was a lady with really big bosoms and a shirt that BARELY covered anything. So everytime she moved everything moved and I was horrified that everything was going to fall right out. OTL I forget anime cons are the best places to study boob-physics.

Then of course, because I’m a dick, I had to run and get air after the opening while Exist Trace got ready to go on. But I never do anything directly, I had to stop and wonder around the audience to see everything, poke people, bother people, ask about tattoos, then compensate everyone I harassed with stickers. A-chan and I was getting a breather while NSDP was setting up their autograph booth. I was waiting…and waiting then I realized that all the loud cheering and the rumbling is…


Run in.

Couldn’t see anything! Run this way.
Then that way.

DAMN MY SHORT WAYS!!!!! *shakes fist in fury!!*

THEN BAM! I found Rei-chan! She told me Kei-chan already made it in to get photos (YAY~~!!). But because I am an ass, I was standing the way of everything, so the staff had to ask me to move out of the damn way – saw I have press pass – threw me into the front with the rest of press. I was a good kid. I sat.

And drooled over the ladies while the photographers do their thing and I tried to remember the way that Mally’s bouncing around, how Omi and Naoto was kicking each other playfully, how Miko made everything flawlessly effortless, how Jyou looks like a freaking goddess up there teasing the fuck out of her fans.

I kid you not, fucking hell. For fuck’s sakes.

I don’t think there was a single person there that wasn’t ready to go straight/gay for the ladies.

Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

The ground shook.



And yeah. When it ended, I found my friend, Mi-chan. I freaking tried to climb over the chairs. Fail. Short fail. So some kind man helped me out. And I jumped down…right on his foot.


I’m sorry, Human race, apparently I can’t be a decent human being.

But I got everyone and tried to convince them to join meeeeeee for DIR EN GREY ROCKBAND IN THE GAME ROOOMMM. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRR. But they were lured in by the pretty ladies autograph. I do not blame them. O_O I think they seriously appear like a freaking shoujo manga: SPARKLES. BUBBLES. FLOWERS. ADORING FANS.


After about forever later….we got two kiddies to join us, Mi-chan and Seth-chan. ROROR. Then off to Denny’s for food.

So much food. About 4AM, A-chan and I got back to our room….with her boys and brother dead to the world. So cute. I was quiet as a ninja! 😀

We all KO-ed.


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