Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Day 3 @ Akon

Sunday. Um. Yeah, we slept like three hours. Before I hopped out of bed to bother Keichan and Reichan, cause we wanted to get things signed by NSDP. That was hard. Not really. They let us take photos with them, but I’m never that cool, instead, I decided to tell Yui that she’s cute.

In much more proper English than I did to Miko. “CUTE!” Yes, I have a brain sometimes. She’s so cute, she turned pink. Then I tried to take photo of Keichan with Ashe, it was hard not to make it shakey. HAHA.

If you want blurry photos, come to see me. I’ll make them all blurry. But then I was able to get my friend her stuff that was signed.

Then we went off to the Aquarium with the boys. Acchan wasn’t feeling well so she couldn’t walk it with the boys, so Keichan, Reichan, and I kidnapped them and got them something fun to have, haha. We bed these little birds, I think they’re like mini-tucans. Yeah. I don’t know. But they liked food. And then we went to see the sloth. It was slowly making its way somewhere and everywhere. Haha. But it was slow and sturdy. Haha.

We had photos of everything and I decided my new fav animal is the Sea dragon horse. It’s a seahorse that looks like seaweed just floating by. Haha. So pretty through.

They had Penguins…and I ran out the battery of Acchan’s camera taking photos of the boys and everything. HAHA. I tried…..

Probably really blurry….e_e;;;

But it’s okay, the boys had fun. Haha.

Afterwards, Acchan and the boys had to get moving to do stuff before hitting the road. ;o;

So, Keichan and Reichan took me to the airport. Funny story: Keichan never been on a plane. Therefore, the airport was supposed to be very impressive. Because come on, it’s Texas. Everything is bigger and better in Texas. But their airport. Because it’s tiny.

Or maybe because I live in the state with the nation’s largest airport, I don’t even know. But it was funny. Haha.

We hang around and talked and did stuff like get really expensive water from the vending machine and ate all the fortune cookies that mother dearest had packed for me. Haha.

But then I had to leave. ;;

Why can’t this flight be delayed?! D:

;~; It breaks my heart.

But Keichan and Reichan sent me photos of them hunting buffalos on their way home and ate it with their bare hands.

Actually, no. They found a really nice steak place.


And Aachan and the boys did, too. Haha.

Damned, I was cheated my steak.


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