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Monthly Archives: July, 2013

AX 2013, follow-up

Normally, I don’t do a follow up post, but because the last weekend was such a mess, I had to make sure to clean it all up. Achan and her … Continue reading

July 12, 2013 · Leave a comment

AX 2013, Day 3

THE FINAL DAY OF WTF LA. So the guys finally came to tow the dead car away….while Achan’s brother and I are packing up the room and checking out. We … Continue reading

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AX 2013, Day 2

Second day, the car dies. Like legit, the fucker can’t start. And here I am, all deck out in my Edward Elric cosplay from Fullmetal Alchemist. Cause that’s what I … Continue reading

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AX 2013, Day 1

SO….. Let’s start off with the morning, where I was in a blind panic. Trying to get to the airport in time, it changed the time, but I didn’t see … Continue reading

July 5, 2013 · Leave a comment

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