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Cause I have less sense than a goat

AX 2013, Day 1


Let’s start off with the morning, where I was in a blind panic. Trying to get to the airport in time, it changed the time, but I didn’t see it until the morning after. Talk about running fast. Thank god, Saru-chan can drive like…honestly; I don’t even think James Bond does that driving justice. She just drove like a Californian. HAHAHA.

Got there, 5 minutes before the plane took off. That should be a sign that things are going to be weird.

But I met the nicest flight attendant ever. He’s so cute and sweet – because trust me, there are flight attendants that will literally be like “*smack* what you think yer doing”. But I got water =w=;;; I was so happy.


Landed…now this is where it gets weird.

I got to my hotel, Doubletree by Hilton. It’s a high end hotel. I was expecting high-end service. So, I understand waiting until 3PM to get my room, I was two hours early. They need to make it pretty for me. =w=;;;

So they took my stuff and I went wondering into the mall nearby. It was fun…nice, too! HAHA. I got strawberries at the Target there. They’re really strange there through. Instead of having floor 1, 2, 3, it was made with 1, 2, and 2.5 – which is the food court. DAMN THEIR FOOD IS JUST…the only fast food places that I know was Panda Express and Burger King – then they had pho, Mongolian bbq, HAWAIIAN BBQ-OMGILOVEHAWAIIANBBQ, and other spiffy food made fast. HAHA.

Then at about 3:15 I was back into the hotel. There was this huge room and that everyone was waiting to get in because it was so badly booked. Then I waited and waited and waited…..people who came in after me went to their rooms. WTF. Two hours later, nothing.

So then, I went to get ready in the PUBLIC bathroom. Called Achan, she’s still having car trouble and needs time to get there in slow fashion. It’s fine, I called a cab, left my stuff at the front desk. Then ran to the cab, which went around in circles before getting me to the con.

It would’ve been $50, with tips, but the asshole went around 20 times until ti was $60 and then with tips. NEVER TELL A CAB DRIVER YOU’RE NOT FROM AROUND THERE.

Ran in, registered, ran around looking for MTV (legit, that is his initials –PLESAE DON’T EVER CHANGE THAT!!) Then end up at a TVXQ/DBSK concert…like WTF. UM. OKAY.

Then ran some more before MTV came to get me and we had this really touching moment where I ran across the street with cars honking and we hugged….and it was really gross cause we’re both really sweaty…or rather I was. I’m sorry, MTV. ;~;

But he kindly walked me into proper concert hall (convention center – which is on the side of STAPLES center…NOKIA IS DBSK….no one should ever put that many show centers in place. EVER!) Called Achan, told her it was at the convention center on the side of the Staples center. But because I’m a scatterbrain and I told her that it’s by the STAPLES….which is pretty much how we all end up lost.

Got in there thro…then I found my dear long lost friend, we’ll call DC. He’s a photographer, nice guy, has more skills than I think should be legal – but what can I say, artists. God. Then ran out to find Achan after I left everything with MTV. Got back in, and then we concerted out. Yes, I just turned concert into a verb, shut up.

CELL was the first to go, they’re an indie band, that’s still trying to get used to live performance is how I feel about it. But really, they’re good. A nice start, really. I mean, as MTV pointed out, “The GAZETTE started out as indie and awkward, too.” So I’m sure in about a year, CELL could be the next MUST SEE BAND. Hey, they promised me that if that happened, they’ll come to do a one man live through the States, HAHA.

Then it was Moonstream, I don’t even know what to say, Satsuki was so different I didn’t even recognized him! Like really, he’s really so freaking cute. I don’t even know how to put it into words other than, HE SMILES AND I WAS LIKE OMG I JUST WANT TO TAKE YOU HOME AND PUT YOU INTO A BOX AND LOVE YOU FOREVER.

True story.

Then…OMG WHEN KAYA GOT ON STAGE. I have never seen anyone who was so freaking graceful in a damn dress that could probably fit four people under it! But he moved with such ease in it, and he was hilarious. Humor and grace, all in one, WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?!

MTV is so cute ;~; he went and told me EVERYTHING I needed to know about Kaya. Like legit, EVERYTHING. Straight down to the cutest story!

So last time that Kaya was in the States, he was there, dressed in Kaya’s Chocolat outfit. It was so darn cute that Kaya had to get a photo with him, legit, even named MTV his Chocoboy. SO CUTE. >w////<)\ .>;;; The poor thing…stayed in a haunted hotel….seriously, look up the Cecil Hotel in LA. But when Achan was taking him back, we found so many questionable thing along the way, like a possible body in a plastic bag. We really hope it’s a very clever homeless person. ;~;

Then Achan and her boys and I finally got to the hotel.

WHERE I WAS FINALLY GIVEN A ROOM AT 1AM. YEAH, THINK ABOUT THAT. It was too small to be really considered an accessible room; we had someone in a wheelchair, but the door doesn’t even fit a child wheelchair, WHAT IF I HAD AN ADULT?! And the aircon doesn’t work.

I hate this hotel already.


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