Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

AX 2013, Day 2

Second day, the car dies.

Like legit, the fucker can’t start. And here I am, all deck out in my Edward Elric cosplay from Fullmetal Alchemist. Cause that’s what I do when I go undercover…I cosplay.

So we called up a bunch of places to set up a pick up, which we did, they’ll come the next day. Meanwhile, we’ll have a cab to a local rental car place to rent a car.

The fucking taxi charged my card $148.90 instead of $14.89. I was so pissed, I demanded that he fixed that and he didn’t know how, so I had to call my card and cancel that transaction and instead paid him in cash the $14.98….then out of habit, I fucking tipped him, too! ARGH. WHY JESS, WAI?!

The car place was so rude, I had to tweet them (ah, the power of social media – I got a reply later, but they didn’t do anything about it since I was not the person renting). But we got a Chevy Malibu….runs like a dream…

Then we got back to the con just in time for my awkward powers…..

So we went to met some important folks, just to do an interview, I was told to come in when the folks were in the room. I went in first to make sure it was ready for Achan….they were eating. Like legit, eating. e___________________________________e

I didn’t know what to do, go in? Go out? OMG, WHAT DO I DO?!

Then they finally came and said this was their first meal of the day and would do the interview later….so we went on a mystical quest around the con…where I shouted at people for calling me short, then I realized it was the cosplay….

More thoughts on this cosplay as Achan and I started to do the interview….

I should’ve thought this FMA cosplay over, since I’ll have to write a lot of stuff….and my stupid automail was too big on my hand and I can’t write decent with it on, but it never occurred to me to take it off. Nope, makes no sense to do that. Instead, I did a few scribbles…but hell, scribbles are scribbles, but nothing like memory power….until I got carried away….

Cosplay…games….anime…..oh, god. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP ME AROUND?! D:


Go read it here.

FML. I think Achan played with karma….>.>;;;;

Then we went to get food….but Achan wasn’t feeling well, so we went back to the hotel, her brother and I went with her boys to the shore. Achan stayed behind to feel better and sort out the damn aircon….

The shores were nice, we saw a lot of ocean…got really lost….HAHA. It’s magical like that. Or just have me in your car, I’ll make sure you’ll get lost. But hell, call it an adventure!

But yeah…we went to the shore, I think we found a body out there, but we didn’t go near it because it’ll probably have germs. Yup. Priorities, guys, priorities.

We talked to the locals who were fishing at night as well:

“Yeah, we catch a lot of good fish here.”

Us: Yeah, we just punch bears for their fishes.

Colorado, we don’t fish, bears do. WTF.

But it was late and going back to the hotel, we realized they can’t fixed the aircon, so they give us two fans…after claiming their engineer came and we never answered the door. But then how the fuck did we ended up with fans? Whatever. Fine.

Went to bed, since it was going to be an early day tomorrow with a lot of rushing….


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