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AX 2013, follow-up

Normally, I don’t do a follow up post, but because the last weekend was such a mess, I had to make sure to clean it all up.

Achan and her boys were able to make home safely on the following Tuesday after the car was repaired; it was so ridiculous with the amount they charged and did. They charged her $400, for everything, but she only needed the $100 thing fixed and her brother would’ve done the rest. But hell, as long as everyone gets home safely, that’s all that matters.

The hotel situation ended with me getting a refund because they finally realized that I did indeed had a special need person with me that needed things to be sorted out quickly and efficiently. But I understand busy, I just don’t understand fixing the air conditioning, a room where you can’t fit the wheelchair into the bathroom, or waiting nearly 12 hours to check in.

In the end, everything was sorted out; we’re all well and fine. Getting ready to roll with the punches again.

And in other news, the hotel has immortalized me admitting I’m short, forever.


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