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Cause I have less sense than a goat

Otakon 2013, Day 1

After the hell that was AX, I actually got up early to get ready for my departure. But I was so out of it, because to have the day off, I pulled an all nighter on Wednesday and the Saturday before. However, I did make it in time, for me to get there, but Achan had to fly stand by. We just learned some strange things from FUairline (not real airline name):

If you buy using points, you have to check in and no speedy run in
If you buy from a 3rd party, there is no online check in, it’s $25 to bring a carry on
There is no complimentary drinks. It’s $1.99 for a can of soda.
The tickets are not cheaper.

What crap.

But Achan was able to make it. FREAKING MAGIC. But that flight was so long, all I did was sleep. HAHA. Landed and we went out so fast, to get our car and find food and our hotel.

However, we were not able to make an interview, so Debchan and Ashchan had to do it. While they did that, we got lost, because Achan Iphone4 died and it wouldn’t charge in the card, wtf. So we relied on my parttime-Blackberry. It hates us and nearly got us lost like 20 times. Seriously, 1000 meter in approximation to your location is poop.

But we made it, checked in, it’s a lovely place.

Then we went to get food at a strange Italian place, and DAMN DO I NEED TO GET MY HORMONES IN PLACE BECAUSE THEY HAD THIS WAITER AND HE’S JUST SO EASY ON THE EYES. But we just got a bunch of appetizers….and ate.

Then got liquor…for the evening party….

One bottle of whiskey, Jack, not Jim because Jim is a dirty bastard.
One bottle of White Zinfandel.
Six pack of Smirnoff.



We drank and the girls told us of the stories that we missed out on. Then we all shared our battle stories. AX, ANIMEUSA, EVERYTHING.




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