Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

SD: the old, the new, and the haunted

Like the common assholes out there, I do what I do best in the morning: Get dressed to godzilla the fools who dared to cross me.

At 10:00 PDT, I was dressed and headed out to the lounge with two phones and a notebook to call the credit companies, just to tell them all that I was on vacation. I didn’t do this in the room because I didn’t want to scar my fellow roommates with my excessive rawrness. Instead, I scared the staff in the lounge.

10 minutes later, I have finished all my card issues but one. The lady on the phone was my personal cheerleader as we sit through 30 minutes worth of misery. ON TOP of that, I had to make sure the room was still ours at 11:00 PDT. After forever later at 13:00 or something like that, everything is done and ready for foooooodd.

So we drove down to the outlets, missed our turn, and had pho and coffee. It was rather nice. They had turtles that were just mellowing. =v=….living the good life: Pho, froyo, and….shopping.

Then we realized we forgot our ID so we had to go back to the hotel, make plans with Linds, to met us downtown after we get our badges.

Sort of.

There was this thing called “Everyone in the world was going to Comic Con so the streets were so packed it took forever to get anything and I had to pay $10 for parking for a few minutes just to get a stupid badge and re-plan on where to met Linds cause there is not a chance in hell nevermind I missed our turn again”. BUTTTT WE GOT THEM.


Yeah. Just like that.

I spent $10 to spend ten minutes to get badges, bags, and booklets. SO MY SUGGESTION IS TO GET SOMEONE TO DROP YOU OFF, ROUND ABOUT AND THEN GET BACK.

But we got out, went to find Linds of the LinLin, nearly died from a truck driving by with a questionably tied on mattress. I should really not be driving in San Deigo. Oh well. Too late.

Hum dee dums later….and BAM. Old downtown San Deigo. It was so colorful from what we saw as I went to find parking…by Linds, but of course, I parked next to the wrong Honda Civic in a private golf parking. LOL…..I round about again and found Linds of the LinLin’s Civic of the Honda. Paid $5 an hour.

Found Linds in a bar past the shop of giant rubber ducks, where I was tempted on breaking the 7th commandment. I got over it. Sorta. I was going to come back for them. They were not there. Someone beat me to them or the shop closed, I’m not sure, too many margaritas.

Well one sip from Kchu and one from Linds.

I need to work on that.

Paid another $5 for another hour.

Then we wondered! It was magical! It has old buildings that were used back in the days that inspired western films. Banks turned museums, posts turned post, homes turned into stores. There were ladies out in costumes making fudge, yes, magical wonderful fudge that were made in large bricks that probably weighs at least 50lbs, that’s about 23kg for those that uses metric – looking at you, Papa Domo. We had to get dark chocolate covered honeycombs and dark chocolate covered caramel. Regrettably, we did not get the seagull poop. We did sign the guest book, try and find us. I was really clever, not really. There were shops that sold toys that looked like fireworks being tossed into the air and woven bracelets that people made as kids and taken for granted…So we got a couple there.

And there was a miserable old home that is supposedly haunted next to a place that sells books of the visiting spirits, the wondering dead, not so pleasant beasts, and unfortunate deaths. Luckily for our traveling foursome, I ran out of time for the parking and therefore we cannot go on the haunted tour.

Too bad. Suck it up. Didn’t need anyone leaving the haunted house pulling an Emily Rose on my ass. Yes. I do firmly try to avoid these things. Very often and well.

Linds of the Linlin bid us farewell for the night after directing us towards the lands Target for us to refill our supplies of contact solution, Domo shirts, and lime-green auxillary cord. We even went to the Ralphs next door, that isn’t closed like it should be, and restock on our food: sandwich making tools for the great San Deigo Comic Con! DUN DUN DUUUNNN…..

We hauled our butts back, missed our turn, got there, parked in the back after I somehow forced myself in a fire zone and back out of it. Went into our rooms and made our mission plans in both our phones and my notebook. Remember the notebook. Made sandwiches with ham and turkey with provolone cheese. Went to bed and was prepared for the chaos that is SD COMIC CON!

Trip totals so far:
Missed turns: 3.
Margaritas: 1
Beer: 1
Pho: 1
Tofu house: 1
Gas refuel: 1
Times I lost my phone: Too many times to count because my handbag is like a black hole.
Really needing a bathroom and not able to find one: 1


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