Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Laundry and wings

We woke up.


I think we were half dead when we did try. I don’t know. We just kind of rolled about and then Kchu and I sorta human up while Domo does his human routine. We grabbed all our stuff and tossed it into the car for….Laundry day. It was across the street, how hard can it be?

I took a right turn, took a left turn, went around a block, right turn, drove past the hotel, and finally pulled into to laundry mat. That my friend, is Jeshidriving. Then it gets more hardcore. We tossed everything in “gently” and launched the detergent into the washing machine and….decided we needed to go pick up water.

It’s 5 minutes away.

I’m driving and I missed my turn and end up on the highway and then missed another turn and got off an exit down some back ally way and about 15 minutes and a story later we got there. Then we searched for water… a 24 case….and then DING DING laundry is done! So we made our way out of the grocer to the car and drove back to the place, missed my turn, go around, three lefts later, and we’re back.

Toss everything into the dryer, we got an hour.

Called the Domo, he said he’s cleaning up a bit, and we’re like “okay do you want caffinee?” And he’s like “eh…” So we went down one block. No turns missed…and then we’re in the Starbucks, where Domo calls again.


And he found it after we called the restaurant yesterday and everything, it was in another bag or Kchu had it, either way, he got it. Damned, still haven’t found my notebook.

But we ordered our misery and happiness drinks then wondered around the local outdoor mall. It’s a Saturday so they had live music, shops, and we found the comic shop. Kchu got her comic protector and whatnots and I got…..distracted. So much…Sailor Moon *-*…….*AHEM*

Then we had to rush back and get our laundry….toss it all in the car and drove back to the hotel, drop off the laundry…and decided to go shopping!

So we went all the waaaayyy out to this outlet place to get pho. Nearly died as I missed our exit, went around to this dinky little place where we found…..pho. Well it said Pho. But we couldn’t find it….until I used one of my secret powers: I can sniff pho anywhere. And in the typical fashion, we all followed my nose, around the corner until we found PHO!!!

And it was glorious.

…..Then we got into the car….to drive across the street aka three lefts and a right and a u-y later and we made it! We shopped around for Domo’s colleagues, Kchu and I found lingerie and other things. We will forget I fit the kids sections and we shopped loads. I decide I’m not going to go into too much detail other than the following:

Belts are too hole-y for Domo, he might want to consider going to church, temple, whatever it is that people use to get holy.
Kchu has bedazzled shorts that are way too shiny according to Domo.
We got cute charms as gifts and something to fix the hole in Domo and Kchu’s door.
We lost a Domo, only to find a Domo with ice cream
We J-walked. The American didn’t realized that the Singaporeans are not familiar with this. Oops.

After all that, we went to get bufflo wings. It was a few minutes wait, so we went to the 24 hr grocers (thank god they have one) for drinks and whatnots. So we walked…and walked…and realized I’m lost. Again. But a few turns later, we made it there! We got our drinks, our candy, our drugs…and then the guy at the store over charged us for drugs so we had to go back in and explain and he fixed it. They thought a pile of baby stuff was ours and my only thought was “……do we look like we’re responsible enough for wigglies?’ Apparently so.

But we made our way back to wings and went to get set up in the hotel’s dinning area with….Games of Thrones.

Now for those who does not know Games of Thrones, this is a series where they tear out everything good about your life and shreds all chances of hope. You know what is the last thing that came out of pandora’s box? Amy Pond, spitfire, vicious, vivacious Amy Pond. There. That explains what GoT does to me. They left me with Amy Pond. Noticed that there’s no Rory. Without Rory, there’s no point.

But yeah….then we went back to the room and…..just kind of put away our laundry…and talked. A lot. A lot.

Domo is an Innie (translation: introvert, but he does have an innie for a belly button, too). I didn’t know Innie talked. But then again I keep getting the psychopath rating in my personality test so who am I to talk. For all I know, I’ve been wrong all my life.  But it’s all good, because Domo and Kchu makes me think a lot and wonder if I’m really full of shit or just dinosaur sprinkles.

Probably dinosaur sprinkles.


Trip total so far:

Missed turns: 7…it’s a good estimate.
Margaritas: 2
Beer: 2
Ramen: 1
Pho: 2
Tofu house: 1
Gas refuel: 1
Really needing a bathroom and not able to find one: 1.5


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