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Cause I have less sense than a goat

SDCC Part 2 because we’re too cool to queue

So rolling out of bed was a lot more work than we thought as I was part human at god knows what hour, but I walked it off. Not really, I nearly died walking into the door of breakfast area. They had the typical free breakfast of scrambled eggs, bagels, beacons, cereals, and you know stuff. I’m more of the “….mm…I’m still a potato…look it’s my cousins the hash browns on my plate” person…so yeah, almost completely booted up.

Then afterwards we all human up and went to our bus as before and got our way there. it was easier now that we know where we are going and I didn’t have to lose anything. No picking up strangers either, because I’m cool for once. I sat between this guy and these to girls and I swear he kept bringing up about how sexy his band was and it was funny cause his shirt was all unbutton and hairy. I know, so seeeexxxyy. e___e

Then we got to a different stop and decided to walk it instead of hoping the second train to see the display SDCC had put outside:

-Hello Kitty house
-Hello walking dead set thing cause that’s not as cute as Hello Kitty
-Cartoon Network playhouse thing – far too traumatizing to be right

And more that I couldn’t remember…mostly because it’s the last day of SDCC, so you think people will calm the blooping down. No. Not a chance. There’s still folks all decked out and going at it. I mean, seriously, there’s a group of religious speakers (they hold signs and stuff) and then across the street is the group of Deadpool. I shouldn’t have to explain more, google it. There was an Assassin Creed training zone where they throw people into this training course and probably recruit those who pass to confidential missions……the catch is to survive the excessively long line to the training zone.

We battled it out to get into the convention again. Yes, that was ONLY THE OUTSIDE. Once inside,we pretty much went into battle plan: GET THE MY LITTLE PONY POSTERS! RAWRRRRRR and achievement unlock! *PING!!* Kchu and I went into this sculpturing workshop, where I’m not going to lie, I fell asleep…but I learn thatpeople don’t really pay attention.

“We don’t do mechanical figurines.” Two minutes later, someone asks, “What if I want to make a robot”. Okay, one person. Two questions later, “What if my gundam is looking not so clean edge?” Maybe this person fell asleep, too. “What is the key in making my Autobot look active?” And I give up on caring cause the person leading is like “…well as we stated before we’re not pros on machines….but I guess…you can…”

We took a nap at the biggest scam of our lives: Disney Animation. Which is actually pretty much “we’re going to bore you to death with talk about everything BUT ANIMATION”. Numb nuts.

And after all this excitingness, Kchu, Domo, and I all decided to face the great outdoors! I know, nerds + outdoors, what is this madness? The madness is: San Deigo’s entire downtown is an extension of the convention and YOU DON’T NEED A PASS FOR IT. There were art gallaries open, cosplayers have taken over the land far and wide, and local business were cashing in by catering to nerdism. Domo wanted to see the Games of Throne exhibit and other things while Kchu and I were like “Okay you queue and we’ll hardrock cafe for memorabilia!”

That was the first mistake: Kchu and I went on our own and I had the best direction sense in the world. Aka we circled the place like four times but we did found the WB. gallery, where they had them in very rustic-western-cafe-Wynkoop street feel (That’s a reference for the Denver folks). No Pepe Le Pew through.

We did find the Hardrock thro, we just had to go through this hotel of magical forces with a really nice car and I think they were promoting something, but obviously, I don’t know nor cared. >_>;;;;; BUT WE GOT IN. And out: The kicker? Domo was literally at the door in line for Constantine. So we told him we’ll go queue for Game of Throne….and before we got too far (and get lost) we stopped a very attractive….Dragon mum(I can’t remember her name, but you know her)cosplyer, who warned us it was no chance in hell we’re going in. So we turned around and told Domo and decided to wait for him since he’s almost next in Constantine and we’ll get food and whatnots.

Back at the hotel, we dehuman and then rehuman…(sounds like a sci-fi story) and decided we’re going to the cutest naming place for food ever: Little Sheep, Mongolian BBQ. We didn’t get lost….much. But it was worth it. It was glorious and Kchu and Domo Chinese it out with the wait staff and I was like “erm….what they said.” LOL. But man, the topic we talked about was religion and it was intense…like we threw food and That’s a lie. I don’t know, it’s interesting but we’re all probably still half-dead from the con-that-cannot-be-tamed to duke it out proper and I don’t feel like leaving a religious banter on here cause it was too convoluted to simplify for this here.

Once feed, we decided on froyo and I found out the most amusing thing: my GPS will take to me to YogurtLand forever far away instead of the one that was just across the street and we didn’t noticed until I took the wrong turn. 😀 But we drove in circles for parking….CAUSE I REALLY HAD TO PEE. AND FUCKING HELL NOWHERE HAD A BATHROOM. FYI CALIFORNIA, COLORADO’S WALGREEN, MICKYD’S, AND JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE HAS BATHROOM. RUDE. Thankfully we got Taco Bell. And then we went to YogurtLand and got yogurt. And Domo found heaven. Apparently in ForeverSummerland, Froyo costs an arm and a leg sorta. And we left and walked out of there, eating our Froyo….getting to the beach. We didn’t get hit by a car…thank god.

So I go to the beach like once every few years cause well yeah, so the first thing I did was OMG SANDDDD SANDDDDDDDDDD, kick some sand here, sand there…waterrrrr…..and all of this peace was ruined by:

“You can step on a needle and get an STD and die.”


Thanks, Kchu. Thanks.

But that fear did not last! I got revenge by burying Kchu’s feet in sand…SUCCESS!!! But Domos, they know how this sand works, so you kind of have to  chase them around a Kchu to try and get their feet covered in sand. And they’ll get sand back on you. Sand, man. Sand. *-* There was probably selfies taken and it was pretty but let’s be honest, I won in covering everyone’s feet in sand.

No STD needle was stepped on. After about….I dunno how long, I won. That’s all that matters. We washed off the sand and waddle our way back into the car and headed home. The guy laughed at my parking job probably. Rude. Got extra towels cause SAND.

And…..KOed cause we’re going to disneyland in the morningggggggg!!! MICKYYYY AND MINNIEEEEEE~~~~~~

Trip total so far:

Missed turns: ……I forgot, Yogurtland was a trap.
Margaritas: 2
Beer: 2
Ramen: 1
Pho: 2
Tofu house: 1
Gas refuel: 1
Hotpot: 1
Really needing a bathroom and not able to find one: 2.5 (wtf California?!)


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