Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

Disneyland: where dreams come true and food costs more than me.

We woke up…sorta. We sorta packed. We sorta fit into the car. We sorta made it out of the hotel peacefully. We sorta got out to have some very questionable pho, where they have nothingbut pho-so-why-did-they-even-bothered-with-menus? We went to get cash. We got lost. We got cash. We went to get Froyo, where I was informed that I was spoiling a Domo….but it’s froyo and everyone needs froyo. Except for Kchu cause Kchus need bitter coffee to sooth her soul.We got lost. We got Froyo. Filled up on gas just in case, cause you know, San Deigo to Anahiem…is nearly forever far.


And the drive was about two hours? The things we talked about were just…..I dunno…..scary-ass-shit that should not be repeated ever. e____________________e

The drive was fine…really. You know when you start a Disney film and it starts with Tinkerbell lighting up the little bit of the top of the castle? Yeah, that’s exactly what happened right as I….missed our turn. Twice.


They had this glass elevator in the middle that you take and it lets you see the place, but you kind of have to wrestle small children to get to it. But this little girl had the same dumb look I had on my face when she saw the Goofy statue standing in front of the elevator and she waved at it shyly. And went off, and I was like “……so cute……..good thing I didn’t wave at Goofy.” Then the elevator shots us up to our room like in Charlie and the Glass elevator! No…just kidding, it just elevatored up. BUT BUT THEN WE RAN TO THE ROOM. Okay, I ran to the room. >.>;;; And it was magical……It was like being in a ship cabin: two beds, a desk that pulls out as a table for meals, a couch, TV, and a fridge that doesn’t work and smells like death. But no one cared cause well…DISNEEEYYLANDDDDDDDD.

We went and all sunscreened up and went to make our way to Disneyland! Which was literally across the street, through the uber Disney hotel (we got the semi-uber Disney hotel), pass Downtown Disney….and TADAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~ the land where you must select between Disneyland and California Adventure Park!! We went to look inside, I wanted to buy a Disney Princess dress but no cause:

-Disney says you can’t if you’re over 12 years old
-it’s $84
-I didn’t want to admit I fit in clothes made for a 12 year old
-it’s $84

Yes, struggles are so real for Disney princesses. But as all adults go, we made a run for California adventure park!!!! Because big rides and screaming warms our souls inside. And because California.

Map to explain where we went:

Then to put everything in short, the lines are stupidly long. So stupidly long. Longer than long. Sooooo loooonnggg. But the conversations between the Domo and I are just….o________________________o WE MIGHT ALL BE FREAKING ALIENS. Like seriously. ALIENS.

BUT, BUT, BUT….DOMO I FINALLY HAVE A REBUTTAL FOR YOU! “The reason we’re not truly comfortable within the open earth environment is because we’re so domesticated, such as birds and bears that cannot be released back into the wild. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind had addressed that we literally have created ourselves allergies. Researchers have shown that kids now days, within in the first world, have more allergies than even back to 10 years ago. Then not to mention our uses of antibacterials have started contributing to the super bacteria. But that’s not saying that those of third world countries have better immunities, they’re more adapted to their current environments- hence, natural selection. So we’re totally part of this world, people of the first world are so far removed from “nature” in our daily lives that we’re creating our own allergens per natural selection – same way that those who are closer to the equators are more commonly dark tone than those closer to the poles. ”


And moving on…Kchu does not like roller costers. Or Ferries wheels that tilts backwards. You should totally take a Kchu on those.

But after we took a few rides, Domo took a look at the food while Kchu and I were looking at the jellyfish ride, It spins you around and then puts you back on the ground and everyone leaves walking like a drunk. That ride. Totally fun..I dunno how we managed to stumble to Domo but we did. And then found out that everything costs an arm and a leg. Seriously. For reals.

On the way out, we went to rush to get a sight of the Water of Colors. There’s reason that people line up against the huge pond in the middle of the park. It’s a light show on water. I don’t know about California’s water shortage, but Disney sure as hell ain’t got a problem with it. We barely wiggled into the back line, thank god Disneyland is like 90% wigglies that I can see over them. LOL…..

After that, we went back to the room. More like we were shuffled out into the shops. Let me explain Disneyland Shops, they’re not like the Disney Stores. No, these have like 100000000000000000x more stuff and you can get EVERYTHING. I went and got the MIcky apples…With the wizard hat:

Oh, but we did eventually made it back to the room, where we discovered, laundry is only a dollar. SO MUCH LAUNDRY WAS DONE. O__________O And there’s a fully loaded gym. For fun, we decided to order breakfast….for 9AM so we’ll be able to hit the park bright and early!!

At least to me…we have really loud neighbors through, I can hear them in the bathroom talking to each other…even when I’m showering o___o;; that or they have their TV on really loud. I dunno what they’re doing, but in the middle of the night, they’re banging things around. >_>…..neighbors, I need sleep to function for the park tomorrow.


Trip total so far:

Missed turns: XXXXXX….too many to count
Margaritas: 2
Beer: 2
Ramen: 1
Pho: 3
Tofu house: 1
Gas refuel: 2
Really needing a bathroom and not able to find one: 1.5


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