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Cause I have less sense than a goat

Disneyland: Where you can sing as much as you want

So remember that moment when I said, “we ordered breakfast for 9am”? Yeah it came at 9 AM. We were not human. I think I tipped the poor guy like a fucking $20 or something cause I couldn’t get my eyes opened. But he was very nice setting up the meal. It was….probably warm and toasty and tasted like happiness. It better had considering how much it cost.

No. We did not wake up to eat it. We took forever to slosh around and pried our eyes open.

It was 10AM by the time Domo figured out how to get to it in a semi-human nature. We went ahead and ate our cold breakfast. It was still good. Just cold. Cause you know. Life. AND DISNEYYYLLANNNNNDDDDDDDD

We got dressed and ran for the Disneyland magicalness. No. You never get sick of the happiness. Happiness is forever. FOR. EVE. VAH! I EVEN HAD MICKY EARS!!! WE GOT PHOTOS WITH MICKY. YAW. THAT’S RIGHT. MICKY MOUSE. AND THEN WE WENT EVERYWHERE.

We went on rides thought the magical kingdoms, no rides were too small or too big. Okay, a few rides were too big for Kchu. But it’s okay. CAUSE THERE WAS A FROZEN PARADE! I got to sing, “LET IT GOOOOO, LET IT GOOOO!!! CAN’T HOLD BACK ANYMOREEEEEE~~~!!!”

And guess what? No one can tell me to shut up cause, DISNEYLANDDDDD….

I think I should cut it short before everyone gets jealous of the adventureland and magical kingdom parades, princesses, and rides…Nevermind that Thor came to help us find the meaning of life (It was agreed upon 42. Douglas Adams approves!). Oh yeah. I turned Micky into an apple and brought him home.

We had to waddle through crowds of people, since it was closing time. Doesn’t mean we had to go home! We went to shop through the downtown Disney!

Another successful day completed at DISNEYLANDDDDDDDD.

I’m not ready to leave you, let me stay with you foreverrrrrrr, Disney!!

Trip total so far:

Missed turns: XXXXXX….too many to count
Margaritas: 2
Beer: 2
Ramen: 1
Pho: 3
Tofu house: 1
Gas refuel: 2
Really needing a bathroom and not able to find one: 1.5
Micky Mouse: 1


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