Jeshi Lost in…

Cause I have less sense than a goat

From Disneyland to OMGSEXYLOFT

The final day at Disneyland.

Sadness. We cried a little as we packed up our room and went to shove everything into the car. Wiped away a tear… WE CHARGED HEAD FIRST INTO DISNEYLAND AGAIN BECAUSE THE BIGGER THE RIDE THE BETTER!!!!

Poor Kchu. She had to put up with Domo and I. One day, I’ll cure her big rides fear. Apparently, Domo said after his flight training he doesn’t fear anything. Let’s get Kchu some flight training.


And I met royalty. After standing forever in line, I met Princess Merida! She’s so Scottish it hurts! I love it. She’s sweet and pretty and Scottish. O____O I want to take her on the rest of our adventure!!! >x< But she has to take care of her people. ;~; The woes of a princess’ duties!

After we tried to squeezed as much Disney we can out of them, we went to get food aka pho and drive to LA for OMG SEXY loft.

During Pho, we were talking about amazing things at Disneyland, and I brought up our noisey neighbors. That’s when things go horribly wrong (other than the fact that I missed our turns 100x). Kchu and Domo didn’t hear anything. WHY NOT?! OMG I JUST HAVE REALLY GOOD HEARING. NOTHING IS HAUNTED IN THE WONDERFUL DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!! N.O.T.H.I.N.G. ;~;

Then we continued our epic trip to OMG SEXY LOFT in LA. We missed the turn a few times but let’s be honest, it’s freaking downtown LA, right off of Fashion St. Yeah. That’s how close we were.

After I pulled up to the side of the road (might have given the minicooper next to me a love tap >____>), Domo and Kchu went to OMG SEXY LOFT and brought stuff up as I waited, circled around, and waited again until they came back with the badge thing for parking. Then we went to park the car in the other block, SENOR THAT IS A LOT FARTHER THAN WE THOUGHT!!! It was downtown LA, so it was not what we would have thought.

First off, I’m from the land of OMGWHATISAIR, I worked in the downtown of OMGWHATISAIRLOL, where things are changing so fast that buildings are appearing over nights, the streets sing of dreams, and poets write love poses for it. Kchu and Domo are from OMGFOREVERSUMMERLAND, which is so clean, you can probably eat off the ground and the crime rate is probably the same as Disneyland – I dunno, I sometimes forget it’s not Canada.

Downtown LA is neither of that. It smells of urine. That’s my biggest complaint. And that’s at night.

Kchu and Domo lead me upstairs, down the shadiest freaking hallway that I swear I saw in some horror movie. Then they opened the door, confirmed there was no bedbugs…..and I stared. OKAY, OMG SEXY LOFT YOU DID NOT LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME. I mean it’s nice. It’s…not a loft. It’s a studio apartment. Kind of dusty? I don’t know, I think it’s cause it’s someone’s home that we’re crashing that I feel kind of weird.

No, Kchu. No, Domo. I’m not going to cry. It’s just weird. Like something was off. But, whatever, it’s downtown LA. I’m not going to hold my breath. Well, I did a little in the shower cause I saw the Grudge and I trust nothing.But there’s a kitchen and dining and all….the carpet felt funny.

Shagged carpet is never a good idea unless you’re willing to wash that bitch often.

To be fair, it’s really nice in the way that it’s industrial. Reminds me of my old office when they took out the ceiling and my new office where the ceiling is threatening to fall on us. But it’s a hip thing in OMGFOREVERSUMMERLAND, so Kchu likes it a lot. I’m going to take her to work one day.

But we were able to rest peacefully. There was a blow up mattress and all. I was not aware that leather couches were not comfy to sleep on, so Domo told me and Kchu to share the bed and he’ll take the blown up mattress.


Trip total so far:

Missed turns: XXXXXX….too many to count
Margaritas: 2
Beer: 2
Ramen: 1
Pho: 4
Tofu house: 1
Gas refuel: 2
Really needing a bathroom and not able to find one: 1.5
Micky Mouse: 1
Possible haunting: 1


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